Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Anna at the Dentist

I took Anna to the dentist for the first time today.

She was a little bit scared but once I sat in the chair she climbed right up into my lap. 

The dentist came in, introduced himself to Anna and let her look at all of his dentist tools. 

She was fascinated by the light and the little mirror.

He then let her pick out which mask he would use. He had one that looked like a kitty cat, one that looked like a clown, one that looked like a dog and one that looked like a rabbit.  Anna chose the clown.

He then asked her to open her mouth so he could take a look.  She did a wonderful job. She sat in my lap, with her mouth wide open, for the entire time. They checked her teeth. brushed her teeth, flossed her teeth and cleaned them.  

She sat quietly the whole time!

She got super excited about getting a new tooth brush and new tooth paste.

As soon as we got back home she insisted that she use her new tooth brush.  

When I wasn't looking she opened up her tooth paste and started eating it  "NO NO NO Anna NOOOOOOOO"  She was sucking on the tub like an astronaut trying to eat her dinner.  I don't think she managed to get TOO much.

Next up is Mr Paul!  I'm sure he will not be as easy as his dear sister.

Then it is mine and Roger's turn.

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