Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Straight to the Heart

In June of 2010 I had my old pacemaker taken out and my new and IMPROVED pacemaker put in.

I was super nervous but SUPER excited.

You can read my old blog about the surgery by clicking here!

I asked the surgeon if I could keep the old one, thinking that I would have to BEG him because often times they NEED to dispose of things in a certain way.

The surgeon gave me a BIG smile and said "sure"!

When I woke up from the SUPER easy pacemaker replacement surgery, the first thing I asked for was my old pacemaker.
It was as if I had just given birth. The pacemaker being my baby!
That thing had been with me through high school, college, my wedding and the birth of my two children.

Anyway, I was sooooo excited about getting home to show Paul and Anna this THING that had been keeping their mommy's heart pumping. 
They were BOTH very facinated with the pacemaker. "Paul, when you get older I'll let you take this to school for show and tell!"

Well, today Paul took my pacemaker to school for show and tell!

In his preschool class they have been talking about the heart and how it functions. He has been coming home every day telling me something new about my heart.  So, for show and tell this week he wanted to take my pacemaker.

I wish I could have been there as he stood in front of his little preschool class, with my pacemaker in his little hand, explaining how it works. "these are where the leads go in that connect to my mommy's heart."

He was SOOOOO EXCITED and so was I.

It is just another way for me to turn this darn heart condition into something fun.

Who knows.  Maybe Paul will grow up to be a pediatric cardiologist!!!

He seems VERY intrigued by the heart!

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  1. That is so cute, I love that Paul was excited about it too! I would want to keep it too. It is amazing what that little thing got you through!! SO thankful for drs!!