Thursday, March 24, 2011

Scrambled Eggs

My Dad would be the first to tell you that I am a MESS in the kitchen. 

Anytime I attempted to cook anything he would say "oh no Elly May is cooking."  

Just recently I made mom a special dinner. She took a few bites. Pretended it was tasty. Then said "sorry but can you just make me some mac and cheese. This is awful."

When I was younger I was an expert at burning things and hiding the evidence in the woods behind the house. 

There was even a time when I couldn't get the burnt stuff out of the pot so I just threw the WHOLE pot under the trees.  

Sorry mom ;(

So, in our little family Roger is the main cook.
It works out pretty well because he LOVES to cook and does an excellent job at it.
He gets home from work, I leave for a walk and when I get back dinner is ready!!

I love to clean so I usually clean up after dinner!

However, I have been trying my darnist to cook scrabbled eggs in the morning. 
I LOVE eggs.
Hence the reason why I want some chickens but that is another blog

Every time I try I fail. They are always chewy and burnt.

The kids wont even touch them.

I went to my parents house this past weekend and Dad cooked me some eggs.


So unlike the crap I have been making.

I was DETERMINED to learn how to cook some yummy scrambled eggs.

So, I found this clip on and I got it on the first try.

I was so excited that I ran to the bathroom where Roger was taking a shower and screamed out "LOOK LOOK I did it! I did it!"  He poked his wet head out in confusion "What?"  and there I stood jumping up and down with a skillet full of fluffy bright yellow scrambled eggs!

My problem with cooking is that I get too distracted.

I once burnt noodles because I completely forgot that I was even cooking them.

Another time I went to get a pot of hot water off of the stove and grabbed a dish towel to grab it. Well, the dish towel touched the burner and caught on fire.

Ya see.

I am a domestic disaster when it comes to cooking.

but I LOVE to clean and organize.

So, my house is ALWAYS clean and I am ALWAYS organizing something.

Which is good because I have two tornado children living with me!

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