Friday, March 18, 2011

Pregnant in America the documentary

I have always been curious about this topic. (see video clip below)

I have a feeling I'm not going to agree much with this documentary from viewing the trailer.

I am VERY much in favor of having a baby in a hospital or at least some where that the baby is being monitored AT ALL TIMES. You REALLY never know what could happen. I know that my daughter would not be alive today if I wasn't in the hospital being monitored.  She was delivered by emergency c-section because my placenta ripped and the cord was wrapped around her neck... choking her.

ANyway. This looks pretty interesting so I think I'll watch it tonight on Netflix while Roger does some work.

It might be a dud movie but I thought I would share this.

Shelbie, you might like it?

Ok so, I watched this documentry and my honest reaction> OH MY GOSH THIS DUDE IS NUTTS.

The WHOLE documentary he demonizes medical professionals.  He states all kinds of "facts" but lists no medical journals or case studies. He makes CRAZy statements like "and they wouldn't let my wife ride in the back of the ambulance with our baby."  The reason WHY kind sir is your wife needed to ride in the front so she could have a SEAT BELT.

There were some things that where in the documentary that I TOTALLY agree on. Like doctors preferring for you to be induced so they can fit it in their schedule (after the super bowl, before their vacation, during the waking hours). And that some doctors actually prefer to do c-sections because it takes less time and they are addicted to surgery. I agree with WAITING for mother nature.

However, there are those times where that really is the only option for a healthy baby.

Yes. There are REALLY HORRIBLE doctors out there but there are also REALLY AWESOME doctors that SAVE LIVES.  Can I get an AMEN!?!?!?!?

I wouldn't be here if some random doctor (dr.noonan) hadn't been walking through the hall on her way to work and noticed a woman (my mom) standing in the hall holding a baby (me), looking VERY confused as to why the baby was turning blue.   Dr. Noonan grabbed me and TOOK OFF RUNNING yelling out orders and yes, SAVED MY LIFE.

Then all the pain I went through with my daughter and almost losing her from a rupturing of the placenta.

Not to mention my WONDERFUL cardiologist Dr keller who sent a special heart ambulance down to pick me up when I was, at 15, passing out with a pulse lower than 40bpm. I was taken to Cincinnati children's hospital and had a pacemaker put in and two stints.

And guess what?  It was a WONDERFUL experience!!!

So, when I watch a documentary with this crazy NOT KIND and somewhat annoying DUDE talking about how horrible the medical system is I want to reach my hands through the TV screen and choke him.

Also, the documentry used a LOT of "I" language.

It was like the women were more concerned about themselves and their "birthing experience" than the saftey of their child. I just found that so selfish.

I get the whole home birth thing. I REALLY do. I understand.
I mean, I would never be able to have a home  birth because of my heart condition but I understand why women would want that.

I just want to stress the importance of monitoring the baby and the mommy.  You don't know what is going on in there with your baby. The poor little thing could be in distress and you wouldn't even know it.


This documentary is one that you would need to watch with a friend.  Roger and I sat screaming at the TV and rolling our eyes at each other.

It really wasn't put together very well and I am pretty sure this dude THINKS he is a great film maker. He is REALLY rude and seems to be a know it all.

The end

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