Sunday, March 27, 2011

I once heard an old preacher man say "I haven't gotten a decent nights sleep on a Saturday night in over 50 years."

When you are a minister that has to preach on Sunday morning to a room full of people it is impossible not to think about the sermon ALL NIGHT LONG.  When you are a minister's spouse it is hard not to think about how every toss and turn you make in the bed is keeping up the preacher.

As a result NO ONE SLEEPS.

However, last night was even more restless than usual.

For some reason I had to pee every five seconds.

It was as if the Niagara FAlls was running through me.

I'm not a quiet "get out of bedder." I sling the covers back EVERY TIME (even when I try not to) and make an annoying grunt that sounds similar to "oooooooooooh maaaaaaan."  Roger has told me more than once "STOP."   But I can't manage to stop.

This problem of mine has resulted in many late night arguments.

When I finally did fall asleep I was awoken at 3:30 am with a HORRIBLE stomach ache. "Oh Dear Lord you have got to be kidding me."

When I am sick I morph into a giant baby.  "ROGER! I'm sooooooo sick." I expect every one in the world to stop what they are doing and care for me.

At 5am, after spending over an hour in so much pain I was sure I was near death, I threw up.

It felt so good to FINALLY throw up.

Roger was a trooper as he stood by holding my hair and rubbing my back while I emptied my insides into the toilet.

I crawled my sick self back into bed and snuggled up next to Roger "sorry if I smell like vomit but can we just like snuggle here and you rub my head?"

oh married life.  they see ya at your all time low and still love ya. vomit breath and all.

Two hours later his alarm went off and he left to go work a little more on his sermon before church.

I snuggled in bed, passed out dead to the world, until the kids demanded my attention in the Kitchen "MOM??? BREAKFAST?"

I fed the kids, got them dressed for church and Roger swung by to get them when it was time for church even though I insisted...
"I'll drop them off if you want me to Roger. I hate for you to have to come back to get them."

I think he had an awful fear of me walking into church with vomit breath, jammie pants and crazy looking hair with bags under my eyes.   I was seriously just going to crawl out of bed and drop them off. 

I really don't think anyone would have minded!!

Well, maybe the visitors.

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