Monday, March 21, 2011

A Trip to the Zoo

I took the kids to the zoo today ALL BY MYSELF.

While we were gathered around the table enjoying our lunch I announced "we should do something fun this afternoon! It is so pretty outside! Should we go to the park? Or the zoo?"

Both of their eyes lit up when I said the word "zoo."

Paul and Anna have an OBSESSION with the zoo.  Honestly, I do too. I LOVE it!

I quickly cleaned up after lunch, cleaned up the kids, packed some snacks, extra clothes and folded the double jogging stroller into the trunk of the car.

Speaking of the double jogging stroller. That has been the BEST money EVER spent. We got it right after I gave birth to Anna (May 2008). There have been times in our parenting lives that strapping the kids in the stroller for a walk is the only way Roger and i have been able to talk. "let's go for a family walk"
Here is a picture of it. Ours is a different color.  It also has a speaker system that I hook my mp3 player up to so the kids can listen to music if they want. It is REALLY durable. We have also taken the kids hiking at the Red River in this thing.  VERY good wheels!


On the drive to the zoo (about 40 minutes with all the traffic) we jammed to Paul Simmon's Graceland cd with the windows rolled down.

Once at the zoo we took our lovely time wandering around.
Getting a year zoo pass has been the BEST thing for us.  We never feel rushed!  We just wander around checking on our animal friends!

The kids were fabulous! Most of the time they ran out in front of the stroller, going from animal to animal, pointing and shouting "look mom THE POLAR BEARS ARE FINALLY OUT!" (we've been waiting for them for over a year!)

Every now and again they jumped back into the stroller for a quick rest, some gold fish crackers and water.

We all had a great time!

The whole zoo experience made me super excited about this summer!

This year the kids are at a very good age to have a BLAST with. Last year we still had a baby in diapers that had LOTS of ear infections (she finally had to have surgery for it.... tubes)  This summer we will have a 3 year old and a 5 year old!  We have a BIG back yard for them to play in, a free membership to the public pool and 3 vacations planned (Massachusetts, Florida and Jekyll Island).


Back to the zoo.....
I was a VERY proud mommy today.

Paul even took charge by holding Anna's hand throughout the zoo and opening doors for me when I needed to push the stroller through.

Anna listened VERy well! Not once did she run away from me! When I said to stop she stopped and when it was time to move on to another animal she moved on!

I have to give credit to my Maw-Maw, my psychology professors and that WONDERFUL book Positive Discipline!

As you can imagine we were all plum tuckered out when we got back home. I let the kids watch the show  Meerkat Manor while I made them their favorite dinner, TACO'S

As all you mothers of more than 1 child know, the juggling of two children is exhausting. "AAAAH I'm out numbered.  one of me.... two of them.  HELP"  Keeping an eye on two spunky children in a public place is, well, you know.  Not to mention the potty breaks you gotta take so they don't wet themselves.

Oh, let me tell you this story:
So, Anna and Paul were playing on the playground at the zoo when Anna screamed in terror

 "I HAVE TO POOP...... NOW!"  
Then she grabbed her butt and stood still.

I grabbed Anna, threw her in the stroller. 
Yelled to Paul across the playground 
He took off running. 
Jumped in the stroller.  
Then I took off JOGGING through the zoo to the closest bathroom.   

And we made it!!!!!!   

but whew... that was a CLOSE ONE.

And to the parents that were offended that I yelled POOP across the playground 
"oh give me a break"  :p

The kids are bathed and tucked into their nice warm beds.

AHHHHH..... Peace

Now it is time to snuggle up on the couch and read until Roger makes it home from class. 

Poor guy has been in class since early this morning.  When he called this afternoon I felt bad when I had to respond to his question "hey! what are you up to? Are you doing ok with the kids?"    with "ummm we are actually at the zoo looking at the seal at the moment!  Yep! we are doing really good!"



  1. I thought parents had to stop being offended by "poop." Isn't that part of the thing you sign during pregnancy? :0)

  2. you would think. but some would prefer "potty break" and give VERY mean looks when you say poop. :)