Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spontaneous Day

For some reason this morning we all accidentally slept in.

We woke up to Paul standing at the foot of our bed declaring that he needed some breakfast.
"what time is it Roger?"
"Oh crap. it is 9:15am. How did that happen?"

We all stared at each other trying to figure out what to do. 

Paul was suppose to be at school at 9am and he gets picked up at 11:30am so taking him was kinda worthless. Plus I had planned on giving him a bath this morning BEFORE school since we got home from church later last night.

"well, you want to just take a weekend today?"

Roger is going on a mission trip with the youth this weekend so instead of rushing around like a bunch of wild animals trying to get everyone out the door as quickly as possible we just decided to have a WEEKEND on Thursday.

Paul isn't in REAL school yet so why not take advantage of being able to let him SKIP.
We didn't even mention to him that it was a school day.
Later he said "he guys wasn't I suppose to go to school?"

So, we all sat around the breakfast table. The kids enjoyed some yummy oatmeal while Roger and I enjoyed our Chi Tea that he decided to make for us.
It was REALLY yummy!

Then I showered, washed Anna.
Roger showered, washed Paul

And then we made some more tea, put it in some to go mugs and took the kids to the inside playground.

By that time it was noon.

As soon as we got to the inside playground I convinced Roger to go up into the play area with us.
He was a bit nervous at first because there were other parents their watching but He ended up having a blast on the rainbow bridge and the MASSIVE swirly slide.

We just completely ignored that other parents were there looking at us really strange and let our inner child take over.
"hey Roger, let's see who can get to the big slide the fastest. Ready. Set. Go."

The kids thought we were super cool.
WEll, at least I think that is what their little faces were saying when they gave us big smiles as we crawled past them giggling "I am winning! I am faster!"

On the way home from the inside park we decided to swing by the library and pick up The Sword and the Stone to watch with the kids.

Paul giggled through the INTIRE movie. 
I think it is safe to say that he LOVED the movie!

Now I am working on the laundry while Roger reads the rest of the afternoon to prepare his sermon!

It has been a WONDERFUL spontaneous day!

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