Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I'm not quite sure what is going on with me but I am completely exhausted at all times.

Maybe it is the kids.

They are getting to be VERY interesting to take care of.

As I type this Anna is squirting glue on a white piece of paper and I do mean SQUIRTING the glue. 

She has nothing she is gluing to the paper she just wants to make glue puddles.

The child LOVES making crafts and honestly I could care less what kind of mess she makes just as long as she is happy.

Paul is working on his preschool homework. He has to trace some numbers, color some smiley faces and glue the number of smiley faces to match the number.

He is pretty much LOVING the homework thing. I guess it makes him feel all grown up.

I on the other hand want to say to the teacher "HE IS IN PRESCHOOL why in the world are you sending him homework home? "

But I can't complain TOO much because it is getting us in the mode of sitting down together to work on homework.  I'm just SHOCKED that they give HOMEWORK to preschoolers. 

The kids are learning to play REALLY well with one another so I have actually been able to sit back and enjoy the giggles that fill the house! 

That is a VERY nice change from the two years that I have spent changing diapers, making bottles and and breaking up fights in which Anna always bit Paul.

man oh man having two little ones that close gets a bit CRAZY for a while.

I honestly thought it would never get any easier.

But it has!

Now we are in the middle of the preschool phase with Paul and are exiting the terrible two's with Anna.

I must admit that it is a bit weird for me to have a 5 1/2 year old.  I don't feel old enough to have a child that age.  hello I am 26 and my child is going to kindergarten next year. that just seems so weird to me.

The thing that is annoying about the preschool age, that I have discovered, is that I have to pretend to be EXCITED over all kinds of little things "hey mom LOOK AT THAT BOAT. WOW"

I get kinda tired of doing the "OH WOW THAT IS SO COOL" face all the live long day.

The annoying thing about the terrible two phase with Anna is that she is a little miss know it all. I am totally raising myself.  She is so sassy, VERY demanding and knows exactly what she wants. hummm.  I wonder where that comes from?

She also talks NONSTOP. I mean it NEVER stops and if it does that means you need to check on her because she is doing something she shouldn't be.

I do get tired of the constant talking. I get tired of the REPEAT stuff. If she says something and I don;t say "oh yeah" then she says it over and over and over again until I say "oh yeah."

Poor Roger... by the time he gets home I just don't want to talk to anyone. I want to sit in the quiet. My head is pounding from the cute little high pitched "HEY MOMMY GUESS WHAT!"  

I guess that is different?

I've heard lots of other stay at home mothers talk about the lack of talking and when their husbands get home all they want to do is TALK.  I am NOT like that.

I am also not one to feel the NEED to get out with the girls. when I am free from the kids I just want to sit in a quiet room and read.  I like the ALONE.  Being ALONE is my special place.  

back to the topic at hand....
i am exhausted
to take care of.

The past couple of days I have had VERY little time to even sit down
"mom I need help with......"
"mom Anna is taking my toy....."
"mom I can't reach........"
"mommy I need to poop!"

my arms hurt, my legs hurt, my head hurts and I feel bad for wanting to spend a whole day in my bed watching old movies with the kids.

can we have a jammie day and watch old disney movies ALL DAY LONG?
would that be a BAD stay at home mother thing to do?

oh well

maybe I'll get some more sleep tonight.

I better go check on Anna. She is being VERY quiet and I heard something snap.

she broke a e ring binder of Paul's. That was the snap i heard.
man oh man that child

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  1. Remember that game where the winner was whomever stayed quiet the longest? Are your kids duped that easily?