Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pacemaker Surgery 6-15-10

Have you ever been to Kosair Children's Hospital? As soon as I walked in the doors I was at ease. It was like walking into a carnival. Bright colors, toys, puppets, clowns and McDonalds! It was WONDERFUL! The people were even cheery! All the doctors and nurses walked around in this utopia. I stepped into a loving childlike world and did not want to leave.
I found this small little cabin by the parking lot to enjoy some reading while I waited to meet the surgeon. Speaking of the surgeon, he was WONDERFUL. A GREAT personality! Was willing to answer any of my questions no matter how stupid they seemed. "hey, ummm what are you going to do with that old pacemaker when you take it out because umm...?" doctor -"DO YOU WANT IT!!!!" me- "OH YEAH!!"
When you first walk into the building this is what you see in the lobby and by the front doors. There is also a McDonalds in there. How AWESOME!!! I totally got me a burger and fries!
When I went in to register the woman said "so, you're mom" I said "nope. self" she laughed a bit and said "no I mean you're Jessica's mother." I smiled and said "no I'm Jessica!! Hey there! how are ya!?!?" They made roger wear a name tag that said "parent of Jessica J" The nurse felt bad and marked the "parent of" part out but I thought it was hilarious!
In pre-op I was at first given a room with this small little baby crib in it and this small little gown and blood pressure cuff. When I went to the bathroom I had to bend down to wash my hands in the tiny little sink. I felt like a giant.
While we were waiting for the nurses to call us back we were given this small piece of pizza. It flashed when they were ready to see you. Paul would have LOVED this!
The surgery was suppose to start at 7:30 but the doctors were in a meeting. I just chilled out getting even more nervous as I listened to the little screams of children being taken away from their parents and in to surgery. They came back and gave me some "chill out" meds and I don't remember anything from there.
I woke up in post-op surrounded by the cutest little babies in the whole world. The poor little things were so scared and started to scream REALLY REALLY loud. I once again felt like a giant, like in the Elf movie, but I enjoyed being surrounded by little kids and talking to them. Also, as soon as I woke up I declared my love to the sleepy doctor. He seemed embarrassed but I'm telling ya I didn't feel sick at all and had such a wonderful experience. I felt charged!!! "I am a child at heart" Literally.

Then I got to see my old pacemaker!! Pretty awesome you all. That thing has been in me through prom, high school graduation, my wedding, college graduation and the birth of my children.
At Kosair when you get out of surgery you are offered a slushi! I choose blue. They also offer wagon rides but they said I wouldn't fit in the wagon.
You also get a toy after you wake up. I told them I had two children and they gave me two little ducks that look like doctors! How sweet! I gave them to Paul and Anna.
Is my tongue blue yet?!?! Roger got a red slushi and his tongue was VERY red.
I am so so so so HAPPY that this is behind me. I hurt like the dickens right now but not nearly as bad as I thought I would. I already feel like I could run a race. They said I wont need another one for 12 years!!!!! I want to cry I am so excited!
When I got home I showed the kids the scar and explained that I was ok. Paul thought that it was AWESOME. He is going to be my little cardiologist. He wants to take care of mommy's heart when he gets big. Who knows. Maybe he will!!
Then I got to show them my old pacemaker. Paul is so excited about taking it to show-n-tell some day. It is so AWESOME to be able to share this with them and see their little curious faces. I feel so blessed that I am able to even have those two. It is a true miracle!
So, there it is!! We are done. All the tension that we have been experiencing is coming to an end. This morning while I waited for the doctor I did my morning devotional. It was about fear this morning. How perfect! God has been right beside me this whole time and I feel incredibly blessed. I'm alive, my heart is beating, I have two beautiful HEALTHY children, a husband that is the most loving person I have ever met and friends and family that pray for me and support me.

Thank you ALL!!!!

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  1. So glad that your surgery went well. I also loved the timeline pics. You made getting a new pacemaker look super fun!