Saturday, June 5, 2010


Today has been declared ...... LAZY DAY!   Well, as lazy as you can get with two small children ages 2 and 4.  :0    

This morning I fed the kids while Roger mowed the grass. Then while Roger took a shower I scrubbed the steps and then I took a shower while he got the kids dressed. At around 10am we headed over to the Enterprise RENT A CAR to pick up a van that the church is renting for the youth mission trip. Our church van keeps breaking down and so, well, it seemed like a good option to rent something than break down AGAIN. However, when we got to the rent center we were informed that the van we were to rent had been in a crash and Roger was given the keys to a Ford Expedition. Those things are massive.  As soon as Roger got in the car he yelled out the window "sorry polar bears."   

When we got the crazy massive thing they call an expedition dropped off at the church we came back home to start LAUNDRY!!!!  YAY!!  The funny thing is that I LOVE washing clothes. This isn't the 1800's, we have washing machines and it really isn't that hard to pile clothes in and out of a machine.  However, this time I decided to hang some outside. I need to get a clothes line instead of using the kids outside toys. It would work a lot better and wouldn't look so tacky. But ya make it with what ya got!!!

Around 1pm I left to get my hair chopped off even more while Roger managed the kids. When I came back the house was clean, the kids were taking a nap and Roger was sitting in front of the tv watching a crazy documentary while he folded our laundry.  HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?!?!? I want to marry him all over again.  

Tomorrow is youth sunday at church and I am super pumped!!  Sarah Humble will be speaking and I just know it is going to be GREAT (tony the tiger style).  Then after church I am headed with the kids to my brothers graduation while Roger takes off with the youth to help out for a week in a men's homeless shelter.  While he is there my sister-in-law Layla is going to move in with us. She is going to be volunteering for a month at an ESL program and is going to live with us while she does it.  If I didn't say I was excited I would be telling a fib. 

So, today is a LAZY DAY!!!  sort of.  I took a couple of minutes to soak the sun up while Anna played in the mud and the clothes dried on her toy swing set!!!  I consider that lazy.  Then I threw her in her small plastic pool to wash the mud off.  "aaaahh I'll just give you a bath later tonight."   I guess I'll go exercise a bit before dinner........OR NOT.  Maybe I'll eat ice cream for dinner. 

Anna is having a fashion show as I type this. She is putting on dress after dress and showing me "aaaaawwww loooooook mommEEEEEEEE  this my dress.  oooooooh prettty.!"   She is so funny! I love her so much! Paul has walked around in his underwear all day and insists it is his "spider boy suit."  Roger has decided not to shave again until july and I said ME TO!

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  1. I have enjoyed catching up on your posts today, but I just had to stop and say I totally respect your stance on shaving. That absolutely had me laughing so hard I have tears!