Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Call

The wait is over. We found out today around 12:30pm that Roger has been offered the senior minister position at a church we have been watching from a distance since college. I'm so excited for him. I'm so excited for our little family. I'm so excited to see how God uses all of us together! I remember sitting outside on the deck when roger came up in a funny joking manner and said "hey, that church is accepting applications." As he walked back in the house I hunted him down and said "then send in an application."

It has been a long many months has it been? I'm thinking he sent in the application about 10 months ago. But I might be wrong. Either way, it has been a long long long long long process but I am very grateful that it has been an extremely long process. It has given us time to discern. We have been very intentional about this whole process, the church has as well. There were two other churches that Roger interviewed with that just "didn't feel right." Our rule was that if it doesn't "feel right" it isn't right so just pull your application. So, he called two churches and had the application pulled. We "feel right" about this church. It feels like a "good fit" or shall I say "a God fit."

It has been a bittersweet event today. WE got the call and did a crazy dance in the kitchen! It was just like I had been in the hot heat all day and was offered a glass of water. We were both so excited. If you were to walk into our house you would have seen paul and anna looking very confused while roger and I did crazy indian looking dances in the kitchen. then I thought of the church we are currently serving in and had to stop the dancing. It makes me sad to leave them. I get close to people pretty fast. I don't consider that a bad thing but it does hurt when you have to pack up and move. Also, the church we are currently in is in the midst of decline and transition. They don't have a minister, they're interim decided to leave and the numbers are dropping. I don't want them to feel like we are jumping ship. It breaks my heart to even think about it and then to read the comments about how some feel that we are abandoning them just kills me.

Honestly I feel like I have been engaged to one church for two years while I was dating another one on the side. Then one day I showed up and said to the church I was engaged to, "hey, I just ran off and got married to this church I was seeing on the side." I know. It is such an odd feeling. It is so weird. This whole transition thing is so strange. I feel like I need to talk to other ministers' families about this. I kinda have that "i've been cheating on someone"feeling. It is so weird.

But anyway. I am very excited. I think my husband is a GREAT minister and the new church is a great fit. It really is. I just feel so blessed to have front row tickets to see the amazing things God is doing through Roger. I have had a massive crush on him since 4th grade. I don't want to sound cheesy but here it goes....God is so good!

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