Wednesday, June 9, 2010


hello friends. I walked around ALL MORNING with a phone in my hand waiting for a phone call from my cardiologist. I never received one.

This afternoon while I was out with my sister, Layla, I got a call from his clinic informing me that my follow up appoinment would be on the 21st of June. "But I haven't even gotten my surgery set up. No one ever called and I have called twice." I got the number of the surgery center, tracked down who my surgeon would be, tracked down his nurse and waited on hold for FOR EVER. Long story short.....I go in on monday for the pre-op stuff (introduction to the man who will take a knife to me, a pregnancy test, different types of blood work.) Then on tuesday morning at 6am I will show up, get high on some drugs and get sliced open. should be a GREAT time.

But all kidding aside, this really shouldn't be that big of a deal. I totally looked the surgery up on youtube (kinda made me a bit sick) and it looked pretty simple. Old pacemaker out, new pacemaker in. I'll even go home the same day!! I'll be a bit sore but not nearly as sore as the first time I had the pacer placed and they had to cut through all that muscle and place the leads in.

I am just a bit nervous because I have never done this before.New things are always scary. I'm also not looking forward to the whopping hospital bill. oh crap. I just got the bill back from the holter monitor I had to have. OH MY. I tried to talk him into a FREE battery change but I just couldn't get him to do it. :)

I am VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY blessed to have all these people stepping up to help with the kids. Layla has been with me since monday and she is going to stay until after the surgery. I also have tons of people on call just in case. The village has come together and we are caring for one another!!! I don't feel so alone!

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