Saturday, June 19, 2010

vacation in Charlotte, NC

I am happy to announce that my shoulder is finally starting to feel a bit normal. I still have to lie on my back when I sleep, I can't pick up anything remotely heavy and I can't lift my arm any higher than shoulder level. I can't fix my hair. But I am no longer waking up in horrid pain. I am no longer taking drugs nonstop and staring into space. I am no longer thinking that this healing process is going to take FOREVER.

I go in for my follow up appointment on monday. While I am there I am going to ask about the pacer range. Right now they have me set at 61 bpm to 100bpm. The problem with that is that I enjoy cardio exercise and the heart rate only going up to 100 is a big problem. It needs to reach higher. I just pray that they will allow me to go back to my normal. But I do like my heart rate being lower 60's instead of mid 70's. I don't feel as tense. Before they had me set at 73 to about 140. But the resting rate being so high, I think, caused me to be tense a lot. I have enjoyed my resting rate so low the past couple of days but the high rate I would like a bit higher so that I can go for runs. I can only really go for small fast pace walks at 100. I would like to have a bigger range. I wonder if that is possible.

Anyway, after the followup appointment Roger and I are headed to Charlotte, NC for a mini vacation with out the children. He made sure to get me a place downtown with a pool and a fitness center. I wont be able to really swim for 4weeks but I can wade around and I will be able to work out in the fitness room. I'm looking forward to exploring Charlotte again with Roger. That is one of the places we went on our honeymoon and I loved it!! so beautiful!! I'm also looking forward to some pool side reading, late night walks, and book store and coffee shop hopping.

When ever we go on mini vacation's alone we always have a theme song. This year the theme song is from an artist named Bed Kweller. Layla just recently introduced us to him and this one song really speaks to what we plan for this little get away!!! So, take a listen and enjoy!

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