Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Snow Bath

It was snowing outside, Anna still has an ear infection and I was itching to do something crazy!  Then I had a genius idea pop into my head. An idea that hasn't popped in there since I was kid.......I'LL FILL THE BATHTUB WITH SNOW!!!   

After thinking about it for 2 hours I grabbed an empty plastic trash can and a tall laundry basket, put on my snow gear and took off outside. I was determined to fill the bathtub with snow so that Anna would have a nice warm place to play. Plus, what person doesn't think, at least at some point in their lives, "hey, wouldn't it be cool to bring a bunch of snow inside?" Now that I'm an adult, have my own house, my own children and am perfectly capable of making grown up decisions I decided that bringing a massive amount of snow in the house was, in fact, a GREAT IDEA!!

After watching me carry up one load of snow (through the house, up the stairs and into the bathroom), Roger decided to get in on the action.  Maybe he was afraid I would trip up the stairs and snow would be all over the place. I don't know. But I like to think that he thought it was a great idea too and wanted to join in on the fun.  
We were so excited about the snow in the bathroom that we couldn't hardly wait until it was full. Here is our excited faces!! 

We decided that we would pretend  Anna's doll house family was our family and that they had a MASSIVE snow!  At which point Anna insisted that she actually play in the snow with the family.  She had a blast being the giant that threw snow balls at the little people, knocking them down. 

Anna and her Daddy are seen here showing off the snowman that they made together. It was pretty had work but they did it in record time!

The kids insisted that they go sledding as well. We made a snow hill and the little family thanked us for it. 

This is PAul and Dad having a snowball fight. Look at those massive forts!  Great job you two!
The Dad had a blast making snow angles for the kids. But he later wished he hadn't forgotten his jacket in the house. He's arms started to turn black.

Just a few family photos in front of the house. It's there first REAL snow and they never want to forget about the fun they had. I was laughing at them because they clearly need to take down the christmas decorations. Notice the CAndy Cane Reindeer by the front door. So tacky. 

The funny part of this whole thing is that once the kids were finished playing and snuggled up taking their afternoon naps, I decided I would finally take a shower. After getting ready for my shower I was greeted with a tub full of snow. Well, I guess I'll take a shower later tonight.  Oh well. Should have thought that one through. But, if you know me, I don't think things through.  

Also, a funny little side note. I called my mom and Dad to check on them. She informed me that they were having a great time being stuck alone together in the empty nest with a foot of snow. They had just finished going sledding down the driveway together and were warming up before they went back out to make snow angles. My mom convinced  my Dad to go sledding with her "come on it's 11am on a saturday. all our neighbors are still sleeping."  WEll, when they got to the end of the driveway the mail man pulled up and everyone came out to get their mail. After the initial embarrassment, mom went "Oh well" and gave a friendly wave to everyone. As they were walking back up the drive Dad said something to the effect "well, that was fun" and mom responded "yeah, LET'S DO IT AGAIN!!!"   And they kept on sledding!  Ya see, it runs in the family!