Monday, January 11, 2010

Straight A's!!!

I know it sounds so silly but I got my last paper back for the semester and I got an A!!!   That means that I have had straight A's all semester for the past two semesters. Rock out!!!!

 Now, let me confess that I am only taking one seminary class at a time (so far) so its not as impressive from that point of view.  But the thing is that I have two small children (4 and 19months) that I stay home with. I had originally intended to not start seminary until Roger graduated with his MDiv but since finding out that it is a 90hr program I decided I should just start now or I will be waiting FOREVER for him to graduate.  Along with that wait comes jealousy "why is it that you get to go to school and I am stuck at home all day raising your offspring?"  So, to ease tension with in the house hold, I started back to seminary.  It has helped a lot.

But getting good grades and a less tense home isn't the only boost I have gotten. I have been able to learn under one of the finest counselors there is.  It has been an awe inspiring place to be.  There is nothing more encouraging than a "way to go" pat on the back from a professor you look up too, that you aspire to be one day.  It has helped me get out of the "what now" rut.  I am not only stronger with in my faith but I have goals!!  I have purpose!  I can see that meaning that God has placed in my life.

It is also pretty cool being in the same program as your husband.  The last two classes I have taken he had already taken. We were able to sit up late into the evening discussing certain reading material for the class and assignments on the syllabus.  It is always great to be married to someone who shares your ambitions in life. I love how we work as a team, bouncing ideas off of one another!!!  I also love the giggle out breaks that tend to happen after we come head to head on an issue related to class. The giggling happens when we step back and say "we are so weird.  couples don't talk like this over coffee and cereal."   Just for the record, I'm not the weirdo, Roger is!! :)  Im very normal! Wouldn't you agree?

Anyway, I thought  I would share that I am proud of myself for the first time in a while.  I have made that first couple steps towards my masters degree and I am succeeding.  However, next semester I am taking a Glenn Hinson class and I am so scared I am having trouble not wetting myself.  I already know the reading is going to be a bit heavy so I just pray that I can understand it at least a little.  Good thing I'm married to Roger.  He is always my fall back if I get to a hair pulling point and scream "HELP"  he comes to the rescue.  

Also, next semester Roger and I will not be having class on the same day. That is what sucked about last semester. He was in class all day monday and I was in class at night.  I drove the kids to the seminary, he jumped in the car and drove them home, while I ran to my class.  It was exhausting.  Now he has class on Monday and I have class thursday night!!!  YAY!!!!   We'll see how that works.  

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