Saturday, January 2, 2010

A new Year

(in my play list I added mine and Roger's new song.  Simple Life by the weepies.  Take a listen! Just turn on your volume)

It's day two of the year 2010.  That sounds so futuristic doesn't it!?  So far it has been happy, sad, stressful, exciting, laughable and as of right now this very second, restful. 

Wednesday night we had friends over for a small little gathering to celebrate the end of the year. We ate yummy homemade, organic minestrone that my handy man of a husband cooked, homemade wassail that the beautifully talented Amanda M prepared, a delicious cheeseball that Alexandria threw together, a lush salad that Tyler made in front of me upon arriving and some delicious beer from who else but Nathan. We all gathered in the living room in a big circle on the floor and had dinner.  There's nothing like just sittin' on the floor with some wassail, beer, good food and close friends.  Ah  Just so lovely.  

On Thursday Roger and I kept it low key.  We took the kids to dinner at Old Chicago.  Everyone keeps telling me to go there.  First of all I hate chain restaurants.  Second, the pizza was not that good.  It tasted like it had been under a heat lamp for a while and maybe the heat lamp was missing a bulb. Then the lady beside us got served a chicken salad with raw chicken. YUCK.  DANGEROUS.  I'll never go back.  Pazzo's is still my favorite pizza!!! Plus the beer selection is WAY BETTER at Pazzo's!!   It has a special place in my heart!

On the way home we stopped to get a movie. That was crazy and took FOREVER.  Anna not only tried to pull every movie off of the shelf but she pood herself BIG TIME. I took her out and changed her in the car while Roger continued the  "no you can't get that" movie fight with Paul. We'll never do that again.

Roger and I ended up watching the new Adam Sandler movie "Funny People."  Let me just save you the trouble and say IT'S NOT FUNNY.  It is such a sad movie and it is soooooooo long.  I got tired of the thing and went to bed.  I wanted to be asleep by the time the new year rolled around.  I was completely tired of 09.

On friday, new years day, I got up bright and early, ate a good healthy breakfast and started my heart pumping exercise. In the middle of the exercise my mom called to inform me that my Grandmother was in the hospital.  I rushed to take a shower in order to ride with my parents an hour to the hospital.  It ended up taking FOREVER because my parents have a terrible time following directions "It says turn left Randy but I think we should turn right. Look that building looks like it could be a hospital  Just turn here."  I just sat in the back seat biting my tongue until I just screamed out "AAAH just let me out of here so I can run to the hospital. It will help with my anxiety and I'll get there faster. You old people are driving me nuttts"  I know.  I am guilty of agism.  But hey, I did get a free Salmon meal out of the deal. 

Today was spent driving in a car to see my other grandmother for her birthday. It ended up being relaxing. I got out of the house and in a car ALONE with my favorite music (The Weepies, Switchfoot and Sandra McCraken).  I got to actually sit through a movie and eat dinner without someone trying to still my food.  

I do have to tell this one thing because I thought it was rather hilarious.  When we took Mawmaw out for her birthday we sat in the bar area of the restaurant.  The bar tender started giving away free shots.  He came up to my mawmaw and asked her if she wanted one. I started to giggle and thought "oh she wont take one. She's my grandmother. she doesn't drink"  But she grabbed that shot and downed it.  So, I grabbed a shot and downed it.  Now I can say that I took shots with my MawMaw!!  Happy Birthday!

When I got home I was welcomed by Anna screaming "MOMMMMMMMMY," Paul saying "hey, watch my new super hero trick,"  and Roger looking like he had been hit by a big mack truck.  I think he's excited that I'm home too!!!!  He's just too tired to speak at the moment. :)

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