Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Little Gifts

It finally happened today!  It FINALLY happened.  Other moms have told me that it would happen eventually but I just couldn't believe it happened.  

I was bent over in the living room cleaning up some horrible mess that Anna made (She is always destroying EVERYTHING) when all of a sudden it was quite.  I was a bit scared from the lack of noise, I'm not used to that, so I took off on a mad dash to the kids.  I found them sitting in a chair, both had toy car, playing together.  TOGETHER!!!!!  They were playing TOGETHER!!!  It wasn't the normal Anna yanking something from Paul's hand, Paul screaming while Anna ran away giggling type of play.  They were BOTH enjoying themselves.  They were BOTH in this crazy world of make believe.  

After starring at them with my mouth open wide, afraid to move because I might disturb the peace, I jumped on the opportunity or should I say the couch. I grabbed my big blanket, my book and placed my bum on the couch.  I read, I snoozed, I read some more.  After about 30 min I did another look see and they were STIL PLAYING!!!!!   It was incredible.   

I eventually had to get up to do the laundry and make lunch but they kept at the playing. I was able to accomplish my chores in a lot less time without two children "helping" me. 

After lunch I found Anna and Paul sitting in a different chair.  Paul was playing with his spider man car while Anna held her baby doll and rested her head on her big brothers shoulder.  It was adorable and I will admit that I started to tear up a bit "They love each other!!!"  

Just another reason why I feel so blessed to be able to stay home with those two. Not only are they able to spend so much time getting to know one another but I get to witness it first hand.

I get depressed sometimes about not being able to have anymore children but I reminded on a daily basses how blessed I am to have those two!!!  They are my little gifts.  

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