Thursday, January 28, 2010

a bloody mess

Today has been interesting. I got Paul and Anna out the door by 8:15am.  Paul's preschool starts at 9am so I figured I would run over to the pharmacy to pick up my medicine then take Paul to school early so the kids could play on the playground before he had to go to class. Well, there was a problem with my insurance (when is there ever NOT a problem?) so it took about 40 minutes to just pick up my prescription. When the woman finally handed me the meds and I paid my 10.00 copay, I had to laugh out loud when upon opening the package I discovered there were only three pills.  three pills?  I did all that work for three pills??  Man oh man I sure hope these three pills were worth the office visit with kids in tow, a 15 min line to drop the prescription off and a 40min argument to pick them up. But I do aprriciate Dr. Asher's tother perception. Me- "My shoulders and neck hurt so bad."  The doctor rubs my shoulders and says  "yep. they are really tight.  you should have your husband work his magic hands on you to loosen you up. your in need of a massage"  me -"is that a prescription?"  Doctor - "yep. that's a prescription."    me to roger - "I swear the doctor said you needed to give me a 15min massage 3 times a day to clear up this bug I have."

By the time we got to Paul's school it was time for him to go to class. He took the no playground announcement well but Anna did not, so I took her out for a little bit before wrestling with her to get her back into the car. That child can throw a fit.  With her being 24 pounds it is terribly hard on my back when she kicks and screams while I am trying my hardest not to drop her. I wonder where she gets her strong will?  hummmm

The rest of the day was a blur. Anna screamed ALL DAY "I wannnn disssss"   "disss disss comma comma disss  dissss pleassssssssse."   It has been three weeks now that she has been irritable like this. But I am happy to announce that we finally have an appointment set up to see the Ear Nose and Throat Doctor!!!!!!  YAAAAYY  I will kiss the man/woman when I see them! however, we have to wait until February 15th. :(  oh man. I have just reached the laughing point now.  While she throws a fit that I can't do anything about, I sit and laugh at the situation, praying for Feb 15th to hurry up and get here.

This afternoon was a dozy.  Roger had to leave right after work to go talk at his fraternity house. I was left with the kids after being with the kids all day. I'm tired. They're tired. Bad combination. During their bath Anna found my razor. I walked in to find her finger painting the bathroom with her own blood. Awesome. Then had to fight with her for thirty minutes in order to get the bleeding to stop. She kept ripping the band-aid off, insisting that she wanted to suck the blood from her finger. She got blood all over my bed, her face, my glasses and her breath has that weird blood smell.  Pretty nasty and pretty frustrating. But I kept cool and just laughed with paul about it.

AFter I got the bleeding stopped and the pjs on, I walked back into the bathroom to clean the blood up and was welcomed with a big puddle of baby soap in the floor.  She must have decided to pour all her lavender baby shampoo all over the floor.  Man oh man.  So I cleaned up a big soapy and bloody mess while running back and forth into my room reminding the kids that there was this rule in the house that stated "thou shalt not jump on mom and dad's bed. because I totally just said so."

Now I am sitting here thinking about how class starts on monday. How are we going to do this? When will I ever have time to do my reading for class? Maybe I should just drop out until roger is finished. i don't know. Maybe I'll give this semester a try for a couple of weeks and see. "I think I can. I think I can.  I think I can." It's just every thursday from 6 until 9pm I will be sitting in a lecture after having chased the kids around all day. And I will probably be frustrated because I wont have my reading done because Anna kept ripping my book out of my hands.  How in the world am I going to get any reading done let alone write any major papers?  It makes me tired to think about class starting back but it makes me sad to think about not starting back.  I guess everybody feels that way at the beginning of the semester. Cold feet?

Alright, the kids are in bed, roger is gone, the Deep End comes on in 15min (the grandson of one of our church members is the main character so I feel I need to support the local people :) ) and I have a great book that Sarah has let be borrow (the lovely bones).  AHHHH  the quite alone time has missed me. "here I come empty living room.  Open up your arms fluffy couch!  Mamma is tired!"

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