Wednesday, January 6, 2010

venting about the appointment

well, that Doctor's appointment was pointless.  I want to SCREAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMM!

Anna was to have her 18 month checkup today. It was with a new doctor so I called her old doctor to have her chart sent about a month ago. They informed me that it would take 3 months to have her records sent. 3 MONTHS????????  Holy CRAP.  I explained that she needed her shots so they said to simply have the new clinic fax over a request and they would fax the last sheet of her records.  So, I called the new clinic and they said to come 30min early for her appointment to have sign the request.  I already had a copy of the request and the paper work at home thanks to Dr. Griffith, so I filled that out so I would be ready.  

I got to the clinic early, 40 min early, talked to the woman at the front desk.  I explained that I had all the paper work, handed it to her and said that she needed to fax this (I handed her a paper) to the old clinic in order to get the top copy of Anna's last shots.  I needed this done so she could get her shots. 

When the PA got back to see Anna he informed me that I needed to have things signed and faxed and that Anna couldn't get her shots today. WHAT??  "I gave all that to the nurse in the front and explained that to her."   So, Anna was just simply checked which means I answered simple questions and he smiled at her a bit.  CRAP

As I was leaving a I simply explained to the woman AGAIN that I needed things faxed to the old clinic so that I could get Anna's shots up to date.  She laughed and said "Oh I know."   I said "well, did you do it?"   She said "no, I don't have the fax number."   I said "well, hummmmm  you just have to call the clinic and ask.  do you not have it here?"    she said "when you get home can you call them and then call me back with the fax number?"    WHAT????   I don't work her lady.  That's your job.  AAAAAAAAAAAHHH

So, now in two weeks I gotta loud up two kids and myself, drive to the clinic, sit in a waiting room for FOREVER, in order to get Anna her shots.  I thought I was doing that today.  Man I hate this.  I REALLY hate this.  Can't I just get the shots in the mail and give them myself?  I know, unrealistic.  but hey, I gave my self blood thinner shots while I was pregnant.  I got pretty darn good!!!

Oh, and Anna has ANOTHER ear infection.  CRAPPPPPPP.  Doubl CRAPPPPP.  He started talking to me about ear tubes.  I requested to see an ear, nose and throat specialist to see if there is anything else we can do before the ear tube thing.  I REALLY don't thing those tubes work.  I have 7 of them when I was younger.  I really don't want to do that. I want to see if there are any other options first.  Poor baby :(


  1. I'm sorry you had a crappy day.

    Tip #1 - Call the old doctor's office and inform them that you will be coming by to personally pick up Anna's records. They legally belong to you. They can't say no. Ask them when they will be ready and write down the name of the person you speak with.

    Tip #2 - The ENTs love ear tubes. They will probably tell you the same thing.