Tuesday, February 9, 2010

seminary and children do not work

This just isn't working. Anna plays and is happy until I finally decide to pick up a book for class and get some reading in. Then she throws a massive fit, ripping the book out of my hand, sometimes ripping pages.  I get mad, she gets mad.  then I opt to do some research on the computer while she enjoys an afternoon snack.  Well, you guessed it. She throws a fit, ripping the cord out of the computer, resulting in me loosing everything I had been working on.  I get frustrated and she just laughs.  

basically, I am thinking about dropping out of seminary until Roger graduates and Anna is able to go to preschool.  how am I suppose to stay sane, get the house work done, take care of the needs of my children and study all at the same time?  It just doesn't work.  It is ridicules.  I guess I just need to realize it's Roger's glory days right now. I'm just here to tend to the house and children.  Maybe one day I'll be able to go back to school full time.  but right now, I think it is Roger's turn to live his dreams. I'll just wait.  Maybe?  I haven't made my mind up.

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