Monday, February 15, 2010

valentines extravagance

After a fun filled, relaxing Valentines weekend without the kids, Roger and I were enjoying a Sunday afternoon nap. We knew the kids would be back within the next hour and wanted to be well rested before the youthful energy of a 4 year old and 1 year old was reintroduced into the house. 

Right when I was starting to drift into that half awake, but kinda dreaming state of a nap, the phone rang. Roger answered. I could tell it was the Humbles because I thought I had heard Steve's voice. Then I heard the word "Camelot."  A thought rushed through my head "that's playing at the opera house!"   After a brief phone conversation with Steve, Roger informed me that Sarah wasn't feeling well because of her surgery and wanted to know if we would like her Opera house tickets for the evening (she has season tickets) to see Camelot. I was so excited I started hopping up and down on the bed "Lets go! Lets go! Lets go! Be spontaneous Rog! YAY"  

The only problem and a major problem it was, the kids were on their way back from the grandparents. What to do?  "Rog, this is an awesome opportunity and I will go alone if I have to. I've gotta see this play."  After calling around frantically (keep in mind that it was 2pm on valentines day and the play was at 7pm) we finally got a hold of one of our youth, Caroline, and she was excited about watching the kids.  YAY!!  We found someone that we trusted to watch our children that was willing to come over last minute!  

After making arrangements with Caroline our door bell rang and the youthful energy was welcomed back into the house. I sure missed those two. While they were gone Roger and I did the following:

1.Thursday night after class I was greeted with a warm fire, chocolate covered strawberries, wine, a good movie and a house with no children.

2. Friday roger willingly exercised with me for the first time. He isn't telling a fib when he says he has no rythmn. The poor guy could barely do the "punch, punch, step, kick"  It was pretty funny. Then we went out to eat for lunch before coming back to the house to sit in the quite and read with some drinks

3. Saturday we got to sleep in until 7:30!!  WOW  We made breakfast and lunch together, I knitted and read until I yelled out "what in the world do people do with their time if they don't have kids. This is nuts how numb my butt is and how dry my eyes are. Let's get out of here."  So, we went to a movie and dinner before picking up some more drinks and heading home to chill.

So, sunday was back to work.  Well, so we thought.  Then the Humbles called and threw some spontaneity back into our lives! 

I got dressed in my sexy black dress with white polka dots, my black pearls, and my black boots(can you hear the ziiiiiiiipppp sound?) while Roger got dressed up in his hot black suit with his fansy smansy tie.  He even put on some cologne for me!! We were smoking hot and giddy for a free night out at the Opera House.  In true Romantic fashion a perfect snow began to fall as we walked through downtown to the Opera House. It made the giddy, snugly feelings all warm and mushy. 

There is just something magical that takes place as soon as you enter the lexington Opera House. Built over 10o years ago, threatened by a wrecking ball and salvaged, the architecture, the smell, the colors, the laughter, it all takes me back in time. I truly felt like I had entered a time machine! I always do.

Our seats were FABULOUS!!  I wouldn't have expected anything less from the Humbles. They know good seats when they see them! 

When the curtains opened, the actors appeared and the orchestra began to play, I was swept back in time. I was able to take in the beauty of the theatre, the soothing sound of the cello, the warmth of my handsome husband by my side and the energy of the actors. It was remarkable and I wish that I could have sat there, in that moment forever.  Magical? Spiritual? Romantic?  All of the above!

Now we are back to reality. Anna is currently screaming in the floor, mad that we are trying to put her jammies on. Paul is standing naked in the bathroom brushing his teeth. Roger is frantically pacing the floor with an exhausted, frustrated expression on his face (his classes were canceled because of the snow so he has been home with us today). And I am sitting here praying we get the kids to bed within the next 10 min.  I wouldn't have it any other way!!  I adore the little family that I have been blessed with!  They are perfect and I love them with a love that I never knew I could ever have. It is true Bliss! It is My fairy tale.  

"And they lived happily ever after"


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