Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Best Job In The WORLD

This morning Roger walked outside to find both of the car doors open and my purse sitting open on the drivers seat.  

Don't worry. 
No one broke into our car and nothing was taken from my purse or wallet.
I must have gotten caught up in child tending last night and plum forgot to grab my purse or SHUT THE CAR DOORS.

Before leaving for class this morning Roger checked my car battery to make sure the car would turn on since I LEFT THE INSIDE CAR LIGHTS ON ALL NIGHT LONG. He didn't want me stranded at home with a dead car battery.
I appreciate him! 

That above story pretty much describes how my brain has had to function the past couple of weeks.
All of my bodily energy and  brain power is being sucked dry from child tending or rearing or what ever  else you want to call it. 

This morning in the drop off line at the elementry school I got to witness the most amazing mom moment. 

The mini van infront of me pulled up, both automatic doors slid open and out popped a little kindergarten boy.

As soon as the minivan doors slid closed, before the boy had a chance to step inside the school doors, he had a MASSIVE sneeze.
And I do mean MASSIVE.
He sneezed all over his arm, shirt and part of his face.
 As he stood there in horror, his minivan drivin' momma quickly turned the van out of traffic, flung open all the magical van doors and managed to find a big box of tissues.  She then ran across traffic, in her pajamas, to her son, and cleaned him off before he even knew what was happening.  She patted him on the head, gave him a small kiss, turned him towards the school door, leaped across traffic to her minivan, and pulled away.

I sat in my car, in my pajamas, with my baseball cap on, in amazement.
"Holy crap.  All moms REALLY ARE super heros!"

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