Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gone Fishin'

This Christmas we bought Paul a fishing pole. The boy has been asking me to take him fishing ever since.  

Yesterday, Saturday, was the most perfect day to fish.  It wasn't too hot, wasn't too cold, there was a nice breeze in the air and I had gotten plenty of sleep (that is NEEDED).  

However, Roger is finishing up his last semester of Seminary so he was studying all..... day..... long.  i didn't want to go fishing alone with two kids.  That seemed like asking for trouble. 

I was ITCHING to go somewhere but I managed to remain content lounging in the back yard with my library book while the kids and the dog ran around me.  

Well, I remained content UNTIL after dinner.  At which point I HAD to go somewhere. 

 I convinced Roger to tag along with the kids and I to the fitness center.  
I exercised, Paul played virtual sports, and Anna bugged the living crap out of Roger who was trying his best to sit peacefully by the pool  and study.   

Once I finished my exercising, Paul, Anna and I attempted to play racquetball together.  It was HILARIOUS, probably a bit dangerous, but oh so much fun.  
We stayed at the fitness center past the kids bedtimes.  The kids and I were having too much fun.  
Roger looked a tad annoyed.  I get it, he has a lot resting on his shoulders.

This afternoon, Sunday, the weather was once again wonderful for fishing!  
And once again Roger had to study.  I was super bummed and trying my best to be content with the situation but I wanted so bad to be out by the water attempting to catch a fish or two.  

I loaded the kids up, some supplies, the fishing pole and my fishing license (yes I obey the law) and headed to the Lake.  We bought a permit, a dozen night crawlers and staked out a location before lathering up with sun screen.  

For over an hour we kept getting bites and getting our worm stolen.  
Paul thought it was hilarious.  "That is one sneaky fish!!!"   
Anna played in the dirt, held the fishing pole for a little while and splashed around in the nasty water.  

After a while I texted Roger that we were at the Lake because I didn't want him to worry when he showed up at dinner time to an empty house.  He promptly dropped his studies, met us at the lake, took the pole out of my hands and caught that darn sneaky fish.  And after we had been working on that little fish for that long Roger had the audacity to show up out of nowhere and catch it on his first try?
anna was too scared of the fish to stand any closer

the little dude was too small to eat

We ended up staying out for another hour, Roger and I attempting to fish with a little kids pole, while the kids used their imaginations to get covered in dirt, mud and lake water. 
yes, i took the mop bucket to put the fish in

mountain climbers

The one thing that Roger did point out when he spontaneously joined us on our fishing trip, was that when I cast the pole I look very dramatic.  I didn't understand what he meant so I had him film it.   I'm pretty sure my Dad will enjoy this clip.  I guess this is why he never takes me fly fishing with him?

In my defense, I was taught to fish with a cane pole.... in a pond.

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