Thursday, April 12, 2012

Yet Another Heart Update

I'm super tired at the moment and in need of a nap but I didn't want to leave everyone hanging.

I'll type more about it later (maybe) but my doctors appointment went as expected.

My heart is progressing as they predicted; As an adult with d-tgv.

With that said, my doctor has added another medicine to my list of heart meds that I take daily.

He has started me out on a low dose of Enalapril.

As expected, with my specific condition, the Right Ventricle is not pumping as well as it was in my young days. 

Currently the RV is what pumps blood to my whole body (since my heart is backwards).

(You'll have to look it up if none of this makes since.)

This is a normal progression of my congenital heart defect. It just happens. It's what was expected. 
My heart is going to need a little more help to pump.  

The good news is that there are plenty of medicines out there that I haven't even tried.
The even better news is that I am not to that crucial point yet.

My cardiologist wants to start me on these meds BEFORE things get too bad and then we are playing the game of catch up.

Makes since to me! 

My cardiologist is starting me off on a low dose of this new medicine, to add to the others that I am taking.  The hope is that this new medicine will relax my valves, allowing oxygenated blood to pour through easier. 

We shall see!

I have also been ordered to take a stress test to look at my overall heart function as I exercise. 
That's kind of a normal thing that has to be done every couple of years.

In other related news, I am worn out.
Paul has been on spring break all week, Anna has been  quite needy all week and Roger is desperately trying to finish up his semester.  

I, in true Jessica fashion, am trying to avoid a melt down.   
I am tucking tail and running to a friends house tomorrow to camp out with her, her husband and her precious daughter. 

I NEED friend therapy.
I'm taking both of the kids along with me so that Roger can have a quiet house to finish some school work.

On saturday I'll be going to our other house, with the kids and my family, to do some painting and fixing.   We have GOT to sell that house.   

Other than all of THAT, life is pretty preachy!!  (not being sarcastic)

Everyone has life craziness that they go through at one point or another.
It's all about how you chose to manage the emotions that come along with it. 


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