Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sex, God, and Communion

I have been wanting to write a blog post about the Baptist Conference on Sexuality and Covenant that my husband and I attended last Wednesday through Saturday.
But as you all know, I have two young children and a husband who is working like a mad person to get all of his papers finished for school.

That leaves little time for me to actually formulate a thought about anything of relative importance.

In fact, I just had to ask my husband, shortly after walking in the door at 10:30pm, if that sentence above made any sense. 

And yes, he just helped me formulate THAT sentence as well.

I am so pitiful.

My brain if blubber but I can keep a house clean and children alive!

I ran across (I didn't actually run) this article written by a local Pastor that attended the conference with us and thought that it was well written.

Here is a link to Pastor Joe Phelps' article about his experience last week.

The experience of the Conference was very holy for me.

The conference was full of respectful dialogue and reverent prayer.

On the last day, as we were having communion together, the room was spirit filled.
We each took turns serving one another the body and blood of Christ-  young, old, black, white, rich and poor.

As I sat from my pew, after having served my husband from the chalice and plate, I wanted to capture the moment and hold on to it.
"This is what Church is. This is what the body of Christ on earth looks like."

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