Monday, April 9, 2012

Heart Update

I had a dream last night that I woke up to 6 inches of snow in April. 
In the dream I was looking out the window, laughing at the surprise spring time snow.  I spotted a massive machine heading towards our house.  The machine's wheels were taller than me and a massive digger was on the front of it. In the dream I yelled for Roger. We both stared out the window dumb founded. "I called someone to work on a few things at the house but I didn't know it was going to be THAT big of a deal."

I was startled awake by Roger shaking me.  "Jessica, get up. You have to call your cardiologist this morning."  A bit groggy I stared at him, trying to process what he just said. "I just had the craziest dream."

Yesterday afternoon (Easter Sunday) I checked my inbox to find an email from my cardiologist.  He asked me to go to the nearest Emergency Room.  His email was in response to an email that I had sent him earlier that morning, before church. 

I'd been having a lot of strange heart beats for several months. Just recently the strange beats had gotten more frequent and much worse. They were keeping me up at night.  I was feeling especially bad as I was getting ready for church so I shot my cardiologist an email list of my symptoms. 

In the emergency room my strange heart beats immediately showed up on the screen.  I was having Premature Ventricular Contractions.   I was not having them right after another, that would be called v-tach and is very serious.  I, instead, was having them with a few normal beats in between.  They call this kind of PVC benign.  In a healthy heart this isn't a cause for alarm. PVCs are pretty common. In fact, you might be having them and have yet to notice.  

However, in the heart of a patient with a congenital heart defect, PVCs are cause for alarm.  PVCs alert the doctor that there is something going on.  Now it is a matter of figuring out WHAT exactly is going on.

Currently there is a team of cardiologists and nurses looking through my health history and all the data collected at the ER visit. I'm hopeful that this will only require a little tweaking of my pacemaker, medicine and diet.  I'm set to meet with them this Thursday (April 12th).

Until then I shall enjoy this BEAUTIFUL weather! The kids do a marvelous job of entertaining themselves in the backyard (at least for a little bit) and I love the warm sun on my face.    

I LOVE singing this song!!

Here are the lyrics

Come down to the river
Come and let yourself in
Make good on a promise
To never hurt again
If you're lost and lonely
You're Broken down
Bring all of your troubles
Come lay 'em down

All you sinners
And the weak at heart
All you helpless
On the boulevards
Wherever you are now
Whatever evil you've found
Bring all of your troubles
And come lay 'em down

We're all tied to the same old failing
Finding shelter in things we know
We're all dirty like corrupted small towns
We'll bring our troubles
We'll bring our troubles
Lay 'em down

All you rich men
And the high above
All of those with and without love
All you burdened broken down
Bring all of your troubles
Come lay 'em down

Come lay 'em down [x4]

Come all you broken [Come lay 'em down]
Come all you helpless [Come lay 'em down]
Bring all your burden [Come lay 'em down]
And just lay 'em down [Come lay 'em down]

Come all you broken [Come lay 'em down]
Come all you helpless [Come lay 'em down]
Bring all your troubles [Come lay 'em down]
Just lay 'em down

Come lay 'em down [x3] 

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