Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I started a journal for Paul when he was a baby.
I wrote letters to him about his days.
As he grew the letter journal morphed into a quote journal.

When Anna was born I thought about getting a journal for her but ended up just adding her letters (and quotes) to the same journal.

At 3 and 6 the hilarious conversations that happen daily are numerous. It has become impossible to document every single funny thing.  However, I do try my best the remember the more HILARIOUS conversations or special conversations and document them in their journal at the end of the evening.

When Paul climbed off the bus this afternoon he had a strange look on his face.
I asked him what was wrong.
"Mom, they were playing a bad game on that school bus."
My heart dropped. 
"what bad game were they playing Paul?"
"well, they were singing I pledge of allegiance to the flag, Michael Jackson is a fag."

He then got really shy.
"mom, fag is a bad word."

We walked into the house in silence. I was giggling inside. I couldn't stop thinking about the songs my class mates and I sang in elementary school.  I was THE kid who would initiate the, what Paul called, "bad game."

As I sat on the front porch, Paul sitting beside me enjoying his after school frozen yogurt, I started to explain to him how proud I was that he told me about the bus situation.
I then went on to tell him that he was right in not joining in.
He of course, in true Paul fashion, asked why someone would invent a game that was bad.
"Mom, when I invent a game it isn't bad and it doesn't call people bad names."

I did my best to explain about kindness and how people sometimes pick on one another and how that is wrong.
He looked up at me and said "but mom, who IS Michael Jackson?"

As I was cutting up the vegetables for vegetable soup Paul asked in a very concerned voice, "Why do boys have nipples? They don't feed babies milk with them.  or do they?"

I went to my go to answer. "Well Paul, that's a great question. I have no idea why boys have nipples but why don't we look it up this afternoon."

He then asked why girls have TWO nipples.

As I was preparing to spit out my go to answer he interrupted me.
"I KNOW!!!!    It's so that if they have TWO babies, twins, each baby will have a nipple to suck on."

But then Anna threw him a one eighty when she joined in the conversation.
"But mom, didn't Paul have milk in his nipples when he was a baby?"

I had to admit that yes, Paul did in fact have milk in his nipples when he was a baby.
I had told them that story about a year ago when they asked for me to tell them funny stories about when they were babies.

While I was breastfeeding baby Paul he got a little TOO much of my hormones and started producing milk. At the time it was a tad bit scary, for a new mom. But looking back on it, it was HILARIOUS.

I'll leave you with a journal entry I wrote to Paul on Jan 7th 2009. He was 2 years old.
While in the doctor's office waiting room you said you wanted to play in the toy area.  I said you could but you whined a little and said you couldn't.  I asked why and you said someone was in there. I told you to go play with them and share.  We went around the corner and there sat a mentally retarded young adult playing with baby toys.  You yelled REALLY loud. "See Mom, He's TOO BIG. He's really TOO big."  I was so embarrassed but I also had to hold back the laughter so much that I thought I was going to cry.

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