Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This blog post is about as random as I am

Last night, once the kids were snug in their beds, Roger and I sat up and worked on my Financial Aid/Scholarship papers.

When I completed my class schedule paper I felt the overwhelming urge to take a picture of it.

I guess some of you would laugh at how excited I am to start back to seminary.

I compare my 4 years of stay-at-home motherhood as time spent in a hermitage.

I am emerging a spiritually changed person. 

Roger left for class early this morning. In his back pack were my papers for admission.

As my husband prepares to graduate seminary on May 12th, I am preparing to enter in August of 2012.

As Anna throws herself in the floor screaming I am thinking that this whole seminary plan might be completely insane.

Are we insane?

My tension level has been sky high the past two days.

I have no clue what is going on with Anna but something is going on with her.
She has been super clingy, very fussy, and incredibly hateful.

I attempted to meet some other mothers at Chick-Fil-A today for a mid morning knitting circle.
Anna refused to go into the play area. She, instead, sat by my side complaining, and fussing and being hateful.

I was really hoping it would be a wonderful little play time for her with other little kids her age, while I got some social interaction with adults and got to knit.
It was far from that.

However, after lunch I ran her by the library and she seemed to perk up a bit.
She always perks up a bit when there are books around!
And when there is no one else vying for my attention.
This is a problem.

Trying to get to the knitting circle was INSANE.
Anna HATES wearing clothes.
The child would love a nude beach!
water!  sand!  nakedness!

After giving her two clothing options, that she didn't like, she proceeded to kick, scream and run through the house like a cat that knew it was about to be submerged in water.
She actually jumped on the top of the wing back chair, perched and SCREAMED.
"You can't do this to me. You can't. You can't"

I simply walked out the door.
She followed shortly...... in her underwear.
I was prepared with clothes in the car to throw on her once we got to the restaurant.
It was less of a battle of the wills in the freezing parking lot!

We German blooded women have VERY strong wills.

Momma is more powerful than you dear child.

I just called her pediatrician.  She has an appointment set up for this Thursday.
I suspect she might be sick.
I'm almost POSITIVE it's not that I am the worlds most awful mother that she is acting like this.

Paul's bus gets here in less than 30 min.
Roger doesn't get home until around 11pm.
It is at this point that I am extremely grateful for my new heart medicine!

Did I mention I am taking a new medicine?
I think I did in a few blogs back.

Anyway, the medicine is WONDERFUL.
I am not near tears at this point of the day from complete exhaustion and lack of oxygen.
I mean, I'm tired but I am not TIRED.  You know?
I suspect I'm the normal tired of a person who rears children for a living.

 I can BREATHE and I seem to have ENERGY to push through the afternoon.

With kids and a husband that is gone a lot, I need all the energy and oxygen I can get!

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  1. I had to laugh at putting A in the car naked. I have done that with Will on more than one occasion. Thankfully he now gets dressed mostly on his own, but he is just as stubborn as ever. Good luck!