Saturday, May 12, 2012

Roger's Graduation Adventure

I am exhausted. 

For the past 24 hours I have been juggling 2 kids and a dog while trying to enjoy all of the graduation ceremonies.

Yes, you read that right, a dog.

We couldn't find anyone to watch the dog so we had to take him along on our over night stay with friends and to graduation.

On Friday Roger's sister volunteered to watch the kids and the dog for us while Roger and I attended the Seminary's Grad dinner.  

As we were packing the car up to leave, the dog got out the front door and took off running down the street.  Roger and I stood in our front lawn, dressed in our nice dinner clothes, with the car full of our luggage, defeated.  That's when the neighborhood cat came over. I grabbed it really quick and started hollering for our dog. He LOVES cats so I figured he would come back to me as soon as he saw that I had the cat.  

It worked! 

He came back!  

However, the cat hissed, and jumped out of my arms. At which point the dog started chasing it.  I finally caught the cat again and ran into the house. The dog followed behind me. Roger shut the door.  That's when we realized we had a wild cat and our dog shut in the house.  "open the door Roger. OPEN THE DOOR."  Some how we managed to get the cat OUT and keep the dog IN and no one was hurt!

Before the dinner, after we dropped the kids off, we made a quick pit stop at a local ice cream shop that we frequented during college.
am I getting taller or is this water fountain small?

the seminary gave the graduates a chalice and patin 

During the graduation ceremony this morning I locked the dog up in his crate, in the car, and left all the windows rolled down.  Don't worry, it wasn't hot out and we parked in the shade.

After graduation, before the reception, I ran back out to the car to let the dog out, then put him back in.
Of course the children demanded to tag along.

On the way home, Roger and I both zombies, Paul screamed out "I HAVE TO POOP."
We sped to the closest exit.
As Paul was climbing out of the car Anna screamed "I'M PEEING ON MYSELF."
She had been asleep.
I yelled "hurry, quick, get out of the car."
She jumped into the passengers seat with me. I slowly opened the door with her in my arms, trying not to flash anyone with my short dress, and the freaking dog leaps over my head and OUT THE DOOR.
At which point my dress came flying up and Anna came tumbling out of my arms.

We were in a McDonalds parking lot.  

The dog began running in and out of the drive through traffic.  I held Anna on my hip as I chased the dog in my heels and short dress.  
People were audibly laughing as they sat in their cars waiting for their burgers.

I was horrified, near tears. "Forget it. Go to hell you stupid dog."
The dog finally got some since about him and came back to me on his own.
I put him in the crate, took Anna to the bathroom and stood in the McDonalds stall feeling defeated.

How many times can a person feel defeated in a 24 hour period?

When I got back to the car Roger and Paul were getting in.
"What's wrong?"
I began to tell Roger what had happened as the first signs of tears filled my eyes.
"I just wanted this day to be special for you."
He looked at me, rubbed my arm, and started laughing REALLY hard which made me see the humor in the whole dog situation and day.

As soon as we got home, I jumped in a hot bath.
I held my breath and put my head under the warm water like I used to do as a small child.
When I came back up for air I felt refreshed.
"ok. I'm ok"  And then I laughed a big ol' belly chuckle.

Our life is quite comical, is it not?

Here are some graduation videos for you to enjoy!

The first one is of the professors, trustees and graduates walking in.

The second one is of Roger, my handsome, kind hearted and hilarious husband, getting hooded and receiving his Masters Of Divinity.

doing the laundry seems to be more enjoyable with a grad hat and hood on

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