Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm awful at coming up with witty blog titles

Paul gave me a present he made at school.
It reads... "Here's a gift for Mother's Day: I'll try my best in every way, but when you get upset with me, relax and have a cup of tea!"

When he handed it to me I laughed and laughed and laughed.
I gave him a big hug and told him thank you, that it was such a thoughtful gift and that I LOVED it.
He smiled awkwardly, shrugged his shoulders and said "thank my teacher, she's the one that came up with the idea." 

My special Mother's Day gift to my self was meeting a friend for coffee before church this morning.
I dropped the kids off at their Sunday school and headed to Panera.
We sat for a whole UNINTERRUPTED hour talking!

It rained ALL DAY LONG which I personally LOVED. I knitted, read, watched 20/20 on hulu and napped like a baby.  I pretty much turn into an old lady on rainy days. 

 The kids started getting crazy about 5pm. Being cooped up in the house with us made them slap happy.
I knew we needed to do something when Anna started hitting Paul in the head with the bathroom door.

"Who wants to go for a walk...... IN THE RAIN?!?!?

As we were walking I told the kids to keep an eye out for big puddles to jump in.
The found a LOT.
They went cRaZy splashing each other in the puddles.
At one point I looked over and they were in the ditch, the water was up to Anna's knees and they were splashing like non other. Several cars drove by and gave me a weird look, like, "are you SERIOUSLY letting your kids play in a ditch full of dirty water?"

When we got back home I threw them both in a hot bubble bath while Roger made soup. 

After dinner we rented a movie from redbox for the kids to watch before bed.
While Roger fetched the movie the kids and I had a dance party in the living room.

"I'm trying to wear them out!" -me
"well it looks as if you are only wearing your self out." -Roger

Later in the evening Roger and I morphed back into old people as he sat in the comfy chair reading while I sat on the couch watching Good Morning America on Hulu as I knitted on my cardigan. 

Life is pretty sweet!

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