Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bed Bugs and Funeral Homes

I love thrift store shopping!
When I say thrift store I mean Salvation Army, Goodwill and little mom and pop stores that are located in a shed out back of the house.
I'm not talking about upscale consignment shopping. 

Yesterday I found the most AWESOME chair for 8 dollars...... 8 DOLLARS.

No, I didn't get it.  
This specific store that I went to looked a bit shady and I am TERRIFIED of bed bugs so I opted to stare at the chair from a distance.

However, I did catch sight of a lacy looking hem.

I took off running towards the hem.
Anna yelling behind me "MOMMY LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL PURSE!"
It was a gold hooker purse and YES I let her buy it. (it was 99 cents)

I discovered that the lacy hem was connected to an adorable looking top with tiny little black buttons.

I yelled out WOW COOL when I saw the collar which made Anna yell out COOL.

I wasn't going to try the dress on because, well, it was COVERED in white cat hair and smelt SUPER nasty.  Plus, the dressing room was really an old nasty kitchen.  

But my good Momma taught me NEVER to buy anything without trying it on first.
Even if it is only 10 dollars.


My good judgement went out the window and I entered the nasty kitchen with the cat hair dress. 
 Anna followed behind me expressing her apprehension. 

After trying on the dress, twirling around in it a few times I yelled "HOLY CRAP BED BUGS."
I quickly jumped out of the dress.
No, there were NOT any bed bugs (or lice)...... but there could have been and I REALLY should NOT have risked it.

I bought the dress for myself, the hooker purse for Anna and threw them in the trunk.
I've always been told when you go junk collecting to put the junk in the hot trunk to kill the bugs.
Not sure if that actually works but it makes me feel better.

As soon as I got home I washed them in hot HOT water.

Then I put the "no more stinky cat hair" dress on.

"Look Roger, I found me a good funeral goin' dress!"

I know. I know. I am a bit morbid.
 But when you are married to a minister you go to a lot of funerals.

Maybe I should rename the dress Mary Tyler Moore?
It made me feel as if I were in the Dick Van Dyke Show.

I should TOTALLY make dinner in this.
Roger will show up from work and be all "WHERE DID MY WIFE GO?"


  1. I LOVE that dress! I'm kind of an old dress freak, and my closet is probably a little too full of dresses in general, but I would never pass one like that up! Where did you go? I can't seem to find any good ones around here, but then again I don't venture out very often.

  2. Don't forget to put on a fancy pearl necklace while you are cooking dinner in that dress:)