Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Today was a DOOZY

Wew Boy
Man oh man today was a doozy.

First of all the weather is like REALLY getting me down.
All I want to do is sit on the couch with a bowl of oatmeal and snuggle.

Anna on the other hand wants to go go go go go.

She is my active child.
Paul has always been content to sit and play for hours and hours at home.
But Anna, nope, a totally different temperament.
That child has got to be going somewhere and doing something at ALL TIMES.

This morning was NONSTOP.
I wont go into the mommy craziness that goes on with two little ones but you get the picture.
One mom.  Two children.

I had to take off and put on Paul's shoes like a MILLION times this morning because he was "having a itchy foot."
I kept my calm but OH MY GOSH CHILD you are going to be late for school.

While I was taking a shower after I managed to get Paul and Roger off to school, Anna decided she wanted to explore the inside of the toilet which meant that she just HAD to take the back lid off.  Which resulted in a wet, naked, shampooed up me trying to catch the back of the toilet before it hit the floor and smashed.  (I saved it by the way!)

Then she decided to squeeze ALL OF THE TOOTH PASTE into the sink.
"why did you do that?"

Anna NEEDED to get out of the house, run off some steam, so we went for a walk in the cold wet rain.
Not something I really wanted to do but I ended up having fun

After the walk she insisted that we go to chick-fil-a to play and have coffee.
I just wanted to sit down so I agreed. 

I was thinking COFFEE!!

All was perfectly well at chick-fil-a until Anna decided the play area was "a mess."
At which point she opened an UNGODLY amount of those little purel wipes and began scrubbing down the ENTIRE play area.  Once she finished that she decided to tackle the tables.

I packed up and left once she started THAT little cleaning job.

Once in the car she asked to go play at the mall.
The mall has a play area that she LOVES but I just HATE malls.
Malls make me want to vomit.
But the play area is a nice place to go on a rainy day for a little one to run off some steam.
so we went.

While in the play area it seemed as if all the 2 and 3 year olds in Hardin County were ALL having the super hyper active symptoms of this rainy cold weather that little miss Anna was having. 
They were ALL running around in circles SCREAMING.  
Anna just joined right in.
As I looked around at all the mothers I was like "boy do these people look tired."  
Then I noticed myself. 
My VERY tired self with my pony tail hair, old blue jeans and a wrinkled up t-shirt. 
"Man life with a 3 year old is TOUGH."
All the moms just sat there starring into space, including me.

Before heading home I decided to run by a consignment shop that I saw on ring rd beside the coffee shop.
I LOVE me some consignment!

Anna immediately disappeared into the clothing racks.
I didn't worry too much because I could hear her giggling and the clomping of her rain boots.
Next thing I knew Anna was standing beside me wearing one of those lingerie slips over her clothes "Look mommy. I found a pretty dress!!!!"


As I was checking out (I found a really nice 6 dollar shirt) I looked down to find Anna in these big ol' red high heels.
"Anna what are you doing?"
She took the high heels off and placed them on the counter.
"I am buying these beautiful shoes!"

After a little bit of parental guidance she finally went and got her rain boots that she had HID in the store .
A quick lunch and a nap later, we were waiting in the pick up line to get the big Kindergartener.
I still can't believe I am actually to that point in my life that I am waiting in a pick up line for a child, MY child.  

I feel like a little girl playing house.
An exhausted little girl playing house.

Ou labor day weekend was wonderful
Roger and I giggled all day long while the kids played and played and played.
So glad I got to marry my best friend!!  He makes this thing called life so wonderful!
daddy teaching the kids how to make scones

geting the dough ready

paul wanted to learn what would happen if you mixed certain colors so Roger got out the water and food coloring to teach him

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