Thursday, September 15, 2011

Paul's Prayer

Tuesday morning I had a very proud momma moment.
As I was helping Paul get dressed for school he asked me "Mom, after I get dressed will I have enough time to pray before heading to school?"

The kids are both well aware that every morning I have a quiet time to pray, read the Bible and journal.
Most mornings Anna joins me with her small new testament, her own "journal" and the sweetest little prayers.  I adore that time in the morning!  She climbs up beside me declaring "mom, this is our quiet time. Now get out your Bible!" 

"Yeah Paul. You should have a few minutes to pray before we have to head to school."

Paul -"Ok!!!  I think I'll say the Father's prayer!"

I stepped out of the room. Peeking around the corner I watched as my 6 year old son knelt in the early morning hours, saying the Our FAther.

Several minutes later, when it was time to go to school, he was still praying.
He was very animated in his praying and his voice was reaching shouting level with excitement.

"Amen" -Paul

Later that afternoon, after dinner and homework, Paul said to me "Mom can we go ahead and start getting ready for bed? I want to make sure I get plenty of sleep. I have such a better day at school when I have gotten plenty of sleep."

When your kids are really really little you work so hard to teach them kindness, love and respect through your own actions in the way in which you care for them, laugh with them, cry with them and discipline them. In the early stages it is hard to tell if what you are doing is actually clicking in their little heads.

At 6 years of age Mr Paul Calvin is such a caring, kind heart, respectable little guy.  I look at him with excitement and think "he is MY son!"

On days when I think that I must be the most awful parent in the world, I will look back on that morning, pull myself up out of the muck of parental frustration and smile.

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