Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm married to a goof ball

I'm really missing Roger at the moment.
I wish I had a nice conversation with him to look forward to this evening.
He's in class.
We barely see each other through out the week but the time that we do have together is spent like giddy school kids.
Conversations with that man are always full of laughter.
We both morph into stand up comics trying to get the biggest laugh from the other.

I love being married to such a goof ball!

He has me chuckling all of the time.

When we were dating he used to pretend, while we were walking down the side walk, that he had run into something. He would smack into something in such a way that it seemed as if he had done it on accident. He would then hold his head in agony.  I would fall over laughing.  he would do this in front of a big group of people so at least one person would say "oh my gosh are you alright?" 
 It was our big joke!

12 years later the man still has me laughing.
Man alive, he even had me laughing while I was curled up in  agony on a hospital bed with appendicitis thinking I was going to DIE.

This weekend I have planned a mini vacation for Roger and I.
The kids are headed to the grandparents until Sunday afternoon while Roger and I enjoy some much needed time together.  We're planning on hiking, caving, sipping wine and pretty much spending the whole weekend being complete goof balls!! 



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