Friday, September 30, 2011

Down on the Farm

While Roger headed to  Morocco on a jet plane, I packed up my rain boots and headed to the Family farm!

I've only been here for 3 hours and it has already been quite eventful.

When I walked into Mom and Dad's they were running out "gotta go gotta go."

My brother Jacob and his wife Shannon were celebrating their 1 year anniversary.
My brother was surprising his wife by having a special night time picnic in the middle of the farm.
They got married on the farm a year ago and had a local BBQ restaurant cater the reception. 
Mom and Dad were sneaking out to put up a table and chairs and set out the BBQ from the restaurant along with an oil lamp so they could see and of coarse the wedding cake top.

When they got on the farm they were met by the BIG bull that just about got out.
Hilarious story.

Mom and Dad didn't get out of the field in time and Shannon saw their lights "who's out in the field? Why are we going out in the field?"
Mom waved at them as they passed by.

Jacob said the big bull came up next to them while they were trying to eat in the middle of the field which was kinda creepy since it was so dark.

I was also informed that the field that mawmaw planted in corn has been harvested and that she has made a MASSIVE amount on the corn!!   YAY MAWMAW!!

I had NO CLUE a field of corn yielded that MUCH profit.


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