Tuesday, September 27, 2011

For the Grandparents

I guess this post is mainly for the grandparents so they can keep up with what the grandkids are doing.

This past week and weekend was once again FABULOUS.

Now that the school year has started back both the kids are back at it and LOVING it.

Paul is LOVING kindergarten!!
He loves Music, Art, Library, PE but most of all he is LOVING that he is learning to READ!!
He is READING!!!
OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!

It is only a few sight words at the moment but last night Roger had him sound out a word that he had never studied before and he actually SOUNDED OUT THE WORD!!!

This is a BIG DEAL for us because Roger and I are both dyslexic and worried so much about Paul having a rough time in school.
So far so good!

Anna's programs in the community have started back FULL FORCE as well!
This community has so many FREE things for the little ones.

On Tuesday and Thursday morning she goes to a toddler stretch class at the fitness center.
On Wednesday morning she has her hour long reading group that includes a craft and a lesson on the alphabet.
Every other Friday morning she has a music class with Mrs. Joanna Black.

On Tuesday after her stretch class she goes grocery shopping with me and makes her rounds.
She stops by the florist to get a free balloon, by the deli to get a free cookie and gets a free sucker at the check out.


This monday afternoon, after I picked paul up from school, we met up with another SAHM, Amy, and her children at the park to play.  Afterwards we went to Amy's house for ice cream.  Amy has 5 children so my 2 have a BLAST at her house!!!  And I have a great time  as well talking to a fellow SAHM/Pastor's wife.  It's wonderful!

Here are some snap shots of Anna LOVING her music class!

This friday afternoon we had our friends over for dinner and a fire pit.
Our friend Colt, who is a biologist, has been in Montana all summer long hiking around collecting bear fur for research.  He brought with him some incredible pictures and BEAR STORIES!!!

Guess who else stopped by?
He is currently stationed in Korea but was on a 2 week leave. 

 Our good buddy Tyler stopped by for dinner as well and of corse any time Tyler is around there is work to be done. He seeks it out. This time he looked into our walnut trees and said "well, ya'll got a big ol' dead limb up there" and proceeded to pull on it with all of his might.
It was a MASSIVE limb that we lost in a spring storm that I have been trying to figure out how we were going to get out of the tree.

Tyler got it out!

Thanks Tbird!


colt, adam and tyler

The kids decided to help cut up the limb.

roger and colt

That night Colt stayed the night and the next morning (saturday) took our whole little family out to breakfast at Craker Barrel.
Now how sweet was that?!?!
It was so wonderful being able to catch up with Colt!

We're all  trying to convince him to move out here to Etown with us!

Saturday afternoon we took a big long family walk, ate a quick dinner and snuggled up on the couch to watch one of my NEW favorite movies, Gnomeo and Juliet.
I'm serious!  That movie is AWSOME.
I have watched it twice so far and I can't stop thinking about it.

On Sunday afternoon we headed to My Old Kentucky Home state park for a gorgeous wedding!

Every night before bed Anna loves for me to cuddle up with her in her toddler bed while she tells me little stories she makes up.  Roger caught some of it on Sunday night.

I had to add this picture here from Monday (yesterday).  I left Anna for a split second and she dumped all her dora shampoo in the bath, bubbled up her butt and took off running through the house.

Also, get ready grandparents, Paul had his kindergarten pictures for school taken on Monday!!  
We ordered some for you all.
Monday afternoon he showed me the smile that he made for the picture, it was massive, so the pics should be REALLY show his little personality!  

Ps: Nanna and Pop, I am taking care of Roger as well.  This morning after he left for class Anna handed me a paper that she had drawn a pretty picture on. I turned the paper over the find Roger's greek homework.  OH NO.  "Class is 2 hours away and he starts in a few minutes and he NEEDS his greek homework."   I copied the translations he had worked so hard on and emailed them to him!

Problem avoided!

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