Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Break: stay at home mommy style

This week has been a challenge to survive. 

Paul's preschool is on Spring Break for 2 weeks which means that precious time from 9 to 11:30 every tuesday through friday is gone. That time spent only having to watch a demanding yet loving two year old has been replaced with "anna is taking my toys," and "mom anna bit me again," and "MOM SHE WONT LEAVE ME ALONE."

I admit that I have had a blast not having to get everyone up, fed, dressed and out the door by a certain time. That has been fabulous but far from relaxing. 

Paul has been extra clingy this week. He follows me through the house talking a mile a minute. He loves telling funny jokes that he makes up himself so I have had to do a lot of fake laughter.
"he he HA HA HA that's a good one!"

With all the head aches from the screaming children and the constant redirection where I have tried my best to remain very calm ("anna look what you did to your brother. you bit him. he loves you so much and you bit him. now, was that good to do to your brother?  go sit in time out.")  I have still managed to have a great week with the kids.

That makes me think that maybe JUST MAYBE I was called to be a stay at home mother!!!

Paul and I have had lots of time to talk, snuggle, play super hero and peter pan, and do his new favorite thing........... play BOARD GAMES.   The child LOVES board games and honestly I love them too so it works out pretty well.  They give me a chance to SIT DOWN and enjoy my TEA!!!!!   (guess who, chutes and ladders, candy land, checkers, chess..... he also likes uno)

Anna, with the loss of that precious 2 1/2 hrs spent ALONE with mommy each morning, has turned on her bad kid mode. Bad kid mode for Anna is when she does bad things to get attention. Like bite paul for no reason or  run into Paul's room, grab his toys and throw them all over the place. She REALLY loves and needs that time with me all to herself.  She is confused as to why Paul is here ALL OF THE TIME and I think she is getting tired of him being here ALL OF THE TIME.

Bless his heart, little Paul is starting to drive me nuts. His personality is a combination of imaginative and emotional. He makes up these elaborate imaginative worlds and gets his feelings hurt when I am distracted with Anna and can't join in.

The balancing act of caring for two people, a house and a husband has been very challenging this week. Every one needs my undivided attention at ALL TIMES. 

This morning as I was sitting alone for my quiet Bible/prayer time Paul poked his head in the door "hey mom, I love you!"  Then the next thing I knew he had his whole train set at my feet and started putting it together. "Paul, buddy, what are you doing?"  he smiled really big and said "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH that I want to be by you all of the time!"

yes, what he did was super sweet and melted my heart so I let him sit there to play but I would be a BIG fake if I didn't admit that it was a little annoying as well.    

This week I have completely morphed into humble servant mode from the AM until their PM bedtime. Once the kids were in bed I plopped myself on the couch and stuck my nose into a good library book until I got sleepy. 

 Sorry husband of mine for ignoring you all week :(  Thank you for being such a good husband that you understood and didn't even try to bother me!

This week has taught me that those 2 1/2 hours that I get each day with Anna are precious. I feel like I haven't gotten any time with her this week. I guess that is the nature of the 2nd child?

Because Paul is a clingy child and Anna has that independent personality it is easy to forget about her and her needs of attention as well.  Paul THRIVES on attention, undivided attention, where as Anna THRIVES on destroying any and everything she can get her hands on.  It is a strange combination to have and deal with on a daily bases.  

So, basically I am EXHAUSTED.  

I am emotionally and physically drained from tending to the emotional and physical needs of two children all day long.  

But that is the nature of my full time mommy job!    

And I'll add here that I do feel VERY blessed that we have been able to budget enough for me to stay home to raise my children and that God has gifted me with a somewhat PATIENT personality.  But truthfully I AM SOOOOOOO TIRED of the kids following me around where ever I go........
I went upstairs to type out this blog. Their traveling concert followed me upstairs to play music for me while I typed. 


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