Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cupcakes, Fake Purls and Cheap Black Tea

This cheap black tea is just not doing it for me. I am dragging BIG TIME this morning. 
I feel like my eyeballs are getting sucked into my head.

Last night there was storm after storm. 

have a mentioned that there has been storms for over a week straight?

Big storms. Monster Storms. Rip your roof off STORMS


Golf ball size hail.

I didn't really get to sleep until a little after 4am. 
It was a combination of the tornado and the chocolate cupcake I devoured RIGHT BEFORE BED.
Why did I do that?

I have REALLY bad anxiety issues so I have to monitor what I eat, how much sleep I get, making sure I get enough exercise, in order to keep from having an attack.

With that said.
The combination of the tornado, the chocolate cupcake and the storm KEPT ME UP ALL night fighting my demons of anxious tension.

When I get like that I worry about EVERYTHING.

oh no... that tree could fall on the house.
oh no..... the gutters are over flowing which means WATER DAMAGE
oh no.... did I lock the front door
Did I just hear a tornado siren?
Is Paul ok?
did I just hear Anna scream?
I think I need to pee.... do I need to pee or do I not need to pee? I might as well go pee.

I could not shut my brain off.

Yesterday evening was so relaxing, 

I went to the gym. Ran 3 miles. Lifted weights. 

After dinner we opened  all the windows and the front door. Roger and I relaxed on the couch, enjoying the cool spring breeze, the sunshine and the laughter of children running on the porch.

Sirens started going off "you have got to be kidding me."

At 8:15pm we didn't head for the bathroom to get the kids ready for bed, instead we headed to the basement. 

The dark, damp, scary basement, where the cave crickets and spiders like to chill out.

We sat on a small area rug placed under the stairs. The kids were tired and very slap happy, which resulted in lots of annoying little kid arguments between a 2 year old and 5 year old.  At one point Roger even chimed in with annoyance "would you two just let your mother and I sit in peace PLEASE."

I tried to entertain the kids by singing songs they could sing along with, but they would have nothing to do with THAT idea. Then I tried to get them to put a puzzle together and my idea was once again shot down. Apparently they enjoyed FIGHTING.  Who knew!?!?

The warning lasted until 9:30pm.

We emerged from the depths of our house with aching backs, heads and two VERY disappointed kids "hey, I thought we were going to sleep down there?"

Seriously?  They wanted to SLEEP down there with all those cave crickets?

Once the kids were in bed I treated myself to a cupcake.
Probably shouldn't have done that.
I tossed and turned all night long.

I am exhausted today.

On a happy note.... Roger and I are going on a DATE tomorrow!
The kids are going to their Nanna and Pop's house for the weekend!

Roger and I are going to a concert and dinner on Thursday night in the city!  It is going to be a small intimate concert with my FAVORITE artist, Phil Wickham. 

Then on Friday our church (Living Faith Baptist Fellowship), which Roger is the minister at, is being recognized as CHURCH OF THE YEAR at the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky banquet. 

So we are going to that!

Should be a nice get away!

On a sadder note..... the storms are back today and I ate ANOTHER chocolate cupcake.
I couldn't stop myself.
I saw the storm and was like "CRAP" so I grabbed ANOTHER cupcake.

The kids are in a crabby mood today too.

I put my great grandma Ensminger's old fake purls on to make myself feel a bit better. I had a professor tell me " Dress the way you want to feel!"
I feel more like a little girl playing dress up with her dolls than a REAL LIVE VERY AWAKE mother.

Cupcakes, Fake Purls and Cheap Black Tea
how crazy can I be?

Random  side note:
My neighbor, Jamie, who writes a column in The Wednesday's Woman section of the newspaper, wrote a beautiful article about being the parent of two small children. Check the article out by clicking here.
It is a prefect example of what it is like juggling two small children.

It made my morning so much better after reading it!

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  1. Thank you! It's so nice to know that people actually read and enjoy what I write! We spent some time in our basement again last night! Adele woke up when I brought her downstairs and I had a heck of a time getting her back to sleep. Sebastian was disappointed he didn't get to sleep in the basement, too!