Monday, April 11, 2011


Ever since one of my best friends from elementary school told me that she was pregnant during our Freshman year of high school, I have felt this desire to minister to teen mothers.

 In college, just 6 months into our marriage, Roger and I found out that we were going to be parents. Although I wasn't a teen at the time, I was only 20 and SCARED TO DEATH.  

Being on a traditional college campus with a big ol' pregnant belly I was able to experience a tiny bit of the reticule that teen mothers go through on a  daily biases.  The most humiliating one being while I was in the cafeteria waiting in line to eat my dinner. 
I was a part of the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority so I was wearing my letter shirt. It was near the end of the school year and i was due in July. So my big ol' belly was showing BIG time.  The girls in front of me in line whispered to each other "oh my gosh i can't believe she is wearing her letters and she is pregnant. oh my gosh."   

I left my tray, full of food, and went back to my little married apartment and cried.   

I also got a lot of flack from one professor in particular.  That specific professor kicked me TWICE and humiliated me in-front of the whole class for accidently falling asleep during my third trimester. It was clear to EVERY ONE that he disliked me for being pregnant.  

Not to mention the strange looks of those who didn't know me "who is that pregnant girl walking around campus?"  Then later "look at that girl bringing a BABY to the LIBRARY. OH MY GOSH"

There has been discussion about starting a Teen MOPS at our church.

In fact, I am willing to work my little butt off to get it started.

I found this link from another church that offers a Teen MOPS. This video that they made helps explain what this group is and how beneficial it is for the teen mothers in OUR community.

Then I found this video from a teen mother reflecting on her first visit to a church that offered a Teen MOPS program.  The audio is a bit messed up but it is worth listening to.  It just proves how big of an impacted Teen MOPS has on young mothers. 

So what if we start this program at our church and only 2 people show up?  
Even if only 2 young moms show up I strongly believe that is worth our time and effort.  

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