Sunday, April 17, 2011

Stroller Fitness for New Mommies

For you new mommies out there.  

Have you heard of Stroller Stride??  

While I was living in Winchester I was part of a stroller fitness class that really helped get me back into shape after giving birth to little Anna. It is also a wonderful way to meet mommies in the community.   

If you aren't able to join a stroller fitness group you can look up simple exercises that you can do with your baby. You can search online, or through a book at your local library, or buy/rent a DVD. It really is a LOT of fun to exercise with the kids and it gives them a great example of good fitness habits.

My favorite exercise was when I would put baby Anna on my knees and do sit ups while talking to her "I'm going to get your nose!"
Trying to do squats with her in my arms was a whole other story.

As a result Anna and Paul LOVE exercising with me!  Paul has taken up jogging with me every now and again.

Here is a good little clip that I came across about the program.  You can go to the stroller stride link above to find a class near you.  OR...... you could start a class!!  OR...... you could just do it on your own after you learn some cool mommy/baby exercises!

I know it seems a little extreme at first and funny to see a massive amount of strollers at a park with mommies doing lunges but getting in shape really helps you have more energy to accomplish all your mommy tasks!  And exercising with other moms is just completely AWESOME! 


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