Monday, April 25, 2011

WHAT IF.....

I feel like I am having some PTSD from Roger hitting the deer last week on his way to school.

The drive is about  2 hours from home to school.... one way...... on the parkway.

There are dead deer ALL OVER the side of the road.
They just jump out of NO WHERE during this time of year.

This morning it is pouring the rain. It has been storming for several days now, and I do mean STORMING. It is CRAZY. The weather has been NUTs. We a have a swamp in our back yard and our poor lettuce garden is flooded (that can't be good).

Roger just left for class.
I'm terrified of him being in a car crash. So terrified that I can't sleep and I am sitting with the phone in my lap. My brain is on the what ifs.  

The problem is that a WHAT IF actually happened this time last week. He actually hit a deer on the way to class. A WHAT IF could happen this week. He could hit a big bunch of water and hydroplane or someone else could hydroplane and hit him. 

Ya see, I am going crazy. I think I am losing my mind on the WHAT IFS.

I'm so excited about the semester being over!

now, will I attempt to go back to sleep with the phone in my hand?
I think I'll give it a try.
Typing this all out has helped chill me and open my eyes to how ridiculous I am.
I'm a fruit cake.
But, I'd like to think that I am one of those yummy bourbon soaked fruit cakes that the Monks make!
**** SMILE*****

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