Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So I mentioned a few blogs back that I was searching for a job.  
A job other than the full time job that I currently have.  
A job other than tending to children, the laundry, the house, helping out at the church and making sure Roger has a sane spouse to bounce ideas off of.

For some reason I have decided to start a LOT of new things all at once.

For starters, we got a dog.  That's new.  It has been a bit of a transition.  It's kinda like taking care of a 3rd child except that I can put the little feller in a crate and LEAVE.  

Our church just started a Teen MOPS that I have been made codirector of.  My job is to lead the small groups and devotionals and help recruit speakers and of course, Teen Mothers in the community.

On top of those two new things, today was my first day of my actual paying job as a substitute teacher.
Oh yeah, did I tell ya I was hired on to be a sub?
I'll be working twice a week in the school system.
Today I got called into the elementary school.
Although I had more children to tend to than I usually do when I am home with Anna and Paul, it was MUCH EASIER than having to tend to Anna and Paul!
You're own children are always the hardest.

It was also less lonely.
When you're a SAHM you are the only one  tending to the children. In the school system you are surrounded by OTHER adults. For  some reason that small fact really helped make for a happier ME.

Subbing was such a delightful break from the full time mom job.
I enjoyed the change up from the same ol' same ol'
And I really enjoyed helping teach.
Kids are just so funny and most of the time, incredibly sweet!

I'm thinking all of this new stuff going on in my life is pretty awesome.  
  I get to live out all of my passions at once.
It just so happens that one of those passions I get payed the green stuff for doing it!
that's pretty sweet!
The other one I get to enjoy watching my children grow and the other one I get to meet some pretty awesome teen moms and hear their stories!

Oh, and did I mention, Roger is in his LAST semester of his 90hr masters degree program?!?
That not only means that we are planning a MASSIVE graduation party for him in May but that I start back to seminary NEXT August.
How strange is that?
Time sure does fly by doesn't it?
Before we know it we will BOTH  be licensed pastoral counselors!

I am so incredibly happy right now!

Life it just too sweet!

Now off to the gym while the kids are at church.
(sometimes the pastor's wife gets to skip wednesday night.   right?!?!)


  1. I must have just missed you at the gym! I left at 6:30. And congratulations on the job! At one point in my life I thought about substituting and even went through all the physicals and training, but then decided that I needed an actual, consistent working schedule. I still think about doing it sometimes ...

    1. Jamie, I was on the elliptical as you were walking past me to get to the jackets. I thought about yelling out "HEY!!!!" but then thought other wise because I would have probably fallen off of the elliptical by how loud I would have had to yell to get your attention over all the noise. The gym was pretty full tonight. On the way to the gym I saw your husband walking past the house with the kids. PS: I found some wine for you with a cool name that I should bring by.

  2. That's great. I did subbing when I was in college and LOVED it. That sounds like the perfect arrangement for you!

    1. it is a pretty sweet arrangement at the moment. I'm hoping to keep at it when I start back to seminary. The money will help pay for all the gas of driving back and forth to Gtown and the oh so "cheap" text books!