Sunday, February 12, 2012

Genetics, Bison and Long Haired Hippies

My Mother-in-Law claims that Paul is very much like Roger was when he was a small child.
My Mother, although she didn't meet Roger until he was in the 4th grade, agrees.
Paul is NOTHING like me, that's Anna.

I have been told that as a child my husband was quite an insightful little boy, that he loved learning and spent hours and hours sitting in the middle of his room playing with legos.
That description of my Husband sounds so much like our son.
Paul is a little carbon copy of Roger.
(Minus his love of sports and athletic ability. He gets THAT from me.)

This morning Paul came running down the steps with so much enthusiasm, "Mom! Did you know the America Bison is near extinction?"   He then went on to explain the reason for this and what we humans are doing and need to be doing to help the Bison.

Everyday with my son is like this.
He is always walking around stating some sort of fact that he has picked up from somewhere.
My Mom got him this Leap Frog map that has a pen that goes along with it. When you touch the pen to the map, the pen talks, telling you about that specific region.  
He adores it!
I am amazed at how much information he has been able to retain.

While I was blow drying his hair this afternoon he asked me if he could grow his hair long.
I laughed a bit.
You see, Roger spent the majority of his life with long hair.
It's just been in the past few years that Roger has cut his hair and kept it short.

I told Paul that if he really wanted to that I would allow him to grow it out.

Genetics, they are so funny aren't they?

Ps: last night I fell asleep at the dinner table.....

.....and my lovely husband snapped this picture before waking me.

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