Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oh no you didn't

This afternoon the kids were exhibiting some MAJOR cabin fever so I decided to take them up to the park to run off some steam, even though it was FREEZING outside.  I figured about 15min in the chilly air would do them good, do me good too.

Right before we were getting ready to leave the park, a little before dusk, three teenagers walked into the play area.  It always gets on my nerves when teenagers claim the city park as their hang out because inevitable something gets broken.

My plans for the evening were to drop the kids off at church with Roger, where they were having a big pot luck, and head to the fitness center.  I gotta get the alone time when I can so I was super excited about getting 2 whole hours of guilt free gym time. ( I LOVE THE GYM).   As I was walking Anna into church I noticed that she didn't have her little fur real pet dog that she had carried to the park.  "oh no, she must have left it at the park."  I didn't mention it to her and instead, once I handed the kids off to Roger,  immediately drove back to the park to get it.

When I pulled up I noticed 3 teenage boys standing in a circle kicking something.  My heart sunk.  I parked the car illegally, jumped out and began to run as fast as I could towards the teenagers.  They of course took off running, leaving my precious little girls toy, broken on the cold, wet, mulch.  I was EXTREMELY MAD.

 I grabbed the little play dog that Anna loves so much, that was now very much broken and took off running after the boys.  You just don't mess with a pissed off mom.

As I ran I yelled mom lessons towards them.  Once I caught up with them under the picnic shelter I gave them a good ol' fashion pissed off Momma scolding.

In retrospect maybe it wasn't such a good idea to chase teenage boys through a dark park, alone.  Three of them, one of me.

When I got to the gym I went strong for 50 min and had to force myself off of the treadmill. I was that worked up about annoying, inconsiderate people. I'm just so incredibly tired of having to deal with them at the moment.  I guess I took a little of my frustration from having our house broken into and our pipes stolen, out on the boys.  Walking up to find them standing in a circle kicking my daughters favorite toy, breaking it, was my tipping point.

I'm not sorry for what I said to them though.  nope, I'm sure not. And I am not sorry for chasing them like a crazy woman through the park.  They NEEDED a little momma scolding.  

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