Monday, February 20, 2012

Silent Simple Contentment

Paul didn't have school this morning.  It was SUPER nice not having to get up really early to get 2 children and myself ready and out the door at an ungodly hour. 
 We got to sleep in until 7:30!!!!  
well, that was after I demanded that they both go back to bed after waking up at 6am.
Paul had gotten scared, ran down the stairs yelling and woke his sister up.

 Poor Roger still had to get up super early though.  He has class all the way in Georgetown (2 hours away) twice a week.  It sucks.  The gas prices are a pain in the BUTT. 
I hate that he has to spend 8 hours a week driving to and from class.

This morning the kids were super! 
Roger and I managed to get them both to bed on time last night so they were both well rested and ready to play, sort of kind of, nicely together.  
Let's be honest, they're siblings, they fight all the time, over little stupid things.
This morning however, the arguments didn't get too massive and they managed to end them among themselves, not running to me every five seconds.
They did manage to put a hole in the wall upstairs.  But that's for another blog post. 
Short version, they were pretending to be builders.
Lord Have Mercy.

I spent the morning doing the usual: straitening up, making the beds, washing the dishes, cleaning up after breakfast and bathing myself.  
I had the kids help me with the meal planning since THEY NEVER WANT TO EAT ANYTHING I MAKE THEM. 
We worked together making a massive grocery list, then went shopping.   

Grocery shopping with 2 very opinionated and hyper children can be a bit of a challenge but I had my game face on, my momma shoes laced up and a plan.  
I made the shopping a game for the kids.."who can find the green pepper?  Ok, great!  do you see tomato sauce?  Paul, see if you can pick up the gallon of milk. boy oh boy, you are STRONG! Anna, can you grab me some cheese?"

It got a little nuts when Anna decided that it would be HILARIOUS if she took the cart from me and took off running down the aisle.   No worries, I can run faster than she can, for now.  Paul thought it was so hysterical that his little sister took off running with the grocery cart, that he threw himself in the floor laughing.  
In the end I had to laugh too, after apologizing to the woman that Anna plowed over with the grocery cart. 
I hope she didn't know who I was. 
She might spread rumors like "oh my goodness, did you hear, the pastor's Daughter ran me over with a grocery cart. Yes she sure did. And that wife of his, she just laughed and laughed. I'm telling you now, I am never stepping foot in THAT church." 

After unloading the groceries from the car and putting them away, the kids and I decided it was too pretty of a day to spend in doors.  
We packed up and headed to the Zoo! 

We have a family membership there since it is so close.  
The zoo always makes for a wonderful spontaneous adventure.  

We grabbed some hamburgers to eat on the way.

The Zoo was fabulous!  
I love going during random times, like in the middle of February, when there is NO ONE there.  
We walked along slowly enjoying the peacefulness of the day, laughing at the crazy polar bear cube, soaking up the sun.  
The best part of the day was when my daughter looked up at me, smiling really big, and said "mom, you are so precious!"   
Paul and Anna get so excited about going to the Zoo, our Zoo, and checking up on our animals.  
Paul and I enjoy daydreaming about being Zoo Keepers.

Now we are home, Roger still hasn't made it back from class yet, the kids are in that good and tired state. I have dinner on the stove.  
This day has been full of those moments that I wish I could capture. 
Those rare moments that are so full of silent simple contentment.  

A day for which I can't help but be grateful!

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