Tuesday, February 7, 2012

All you can do is laugh....

...... when things in life get so ridiculously CRAZY.  
And I do mean CRAZY.  Not crazy HA HA but like CRAZY "oh my gosh seriously?" 

This morning before heading off to work (I worked my first full day as a substitute) the dog threw up a BIG ol' ball of something in the middle of the floor.

When I got into the car, ready to pull out, I noticed that we were just about out of gas. And I do mean out of gas.  The needle was BELOW the red mark.

Roger dropped Paul off on his way out of town so all I had to do before work was drop Anna off at the sitters, oh and swing by the nearest gas station.
When I got to the gas station the card reader WOULD NOT WORK.
I scanned and scanned and scanned until I finally gave up,  having to pay inside the gas station.

This afternoon as I was talking to a good friend on the phone, Anna came over and sat down in my lap.
All of a sudden she screamed out "I POOPED ON MYSELF."
I looked down to a massive mess of diarrhea all over the back side of Anna and all down my arm.
Don't worry, I'm used to the whole poop thing by now, 6 years of parenthood plus 2 years working in a mental hospital, humm yeah, I can deal with poo.
So, I calmly got off of the phone, shewed away the dog who thought... "HEAVEN!!!" and started to cleaning.

Thankfully Anna made it to the toilet for the next explosion but in doing so clogged the toilet up.
So, there I was, Anna in the bathtub getting cleaned up, me bent over the toilet, plunger in hand, Paul standing at the bathroom door holding onto the dog for dear life, when the door bell rings.

I started to laugh sooooo hard.

It ended up being one of our good friends from church bringing us over a bread starter that we had asked for.  In the back of my mind I was thinking "bless you!  bless you!!"  I LOVE the amish friendship bread!!!   However, he probably just saw a crazy looking smiling mother,  with a dog in her hand, a child yelling from the bathroom and was wondering why he smelt the nasty sent of fresh preschool poo.   

This afternoon was so comical that I was pretty chill.  Chill as if I had been smoking some good weed.  Although, I have never smoked MJ before. 
I can only imagine that the feeling that I had at that moment was similar to the effect of MJ.  
I was laughing, I smelled bad and all I wanted to do was EAT some amish friendship bread.

While Anna soaked in the tub I took the dog out to pee.
When I returned I found a bathroom COVERED in lavender baby shampoo.


Anna is old enough to know better, but STILL if I forget to take the soap out of the bath, away from her, she pours it EVERYWHERE.

On top of all of this craziness, this craziness that I am amazed at how well I have been able to handle, I have had in the back of my mind what Roger and I discovered yesterday.
Oh, yesterday, Monday, how I hate thee.

Yesterday Roger went to our other house, the house that we are trying to sell, the house that we have been trying to sell for 2 years now,  to check on it.  Roger decided to go over after class since he was already in that area.  The house that we are trying to sell is a 4 hour round trip from the house that we currently live in, and yes, own.  Because of that, we try to check on it any time we are in the area.  
(YAY 2 house PAYMENT!! ) 

When Roger got to the house he found that there was no water.  Assuming that he had shut it off before we left, he climbed under the house to look for the switch and that is when he noticed the awful, terribleness and the day turned into an awful, no good, VERY bad day. 

Someone had broken into our home and had cut out ALL of our pipes.

Roger couldn't find the water valve because the water valve had been stolen, along with all the copper pipes.


And apparently our air conditioner had been cut up. Looks as if they were in the process of stealing that but got scared away.


Of coarse he called the police, had a report filed and contacted our insurance company, all before driving the 2 hours back home to tell me.

My first reaction was... SERIOUSLY... then it was a tad bit of anger, and a WHOLE LOT of discouragement followed. We stood in the kitchen, Roger and I, holding one another, as we both cried so hard our bodies shook.
Now what?

When I was a little girl I always had this dream of building a house in the corner of the family farm, way back in the back near the fence line, where this beautiful old tree sits.  I used to drive the tractor back there, Papal's old red tractor,  park it, and day dream about having a little family of my own.  I knew living there on the farm would give me the security that my family would be near by.  They all live either really close to the farm or right on the farm.
I envisioned my children having the same adventurous upbringing that I had.
I envisioned them exploring the same fields, hills and trees that I did.
 I would watch them from my front porch, near the fence line, right beside that old beautiful tree, surrounded by family.

Clearly that didn't happen.  I fell in love, got married and moved away.

It's when things like this, getting my pipes stolen, happen, that I learn that no matter how far away I move, my family will always be there for me. 
When my cousins and uncles found out about what happened they were immediately offering up their labor skills.  Offering to drive all the way up here to fix our house themselves 


So, in the next few days, my family pack will be descending upon our home in a labor of love, to replace our stolen pipes!

I just LOVE my massive family!

Roger and I could not be more grateful!

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  1. Well the first half of your post just made me smile. While I might not have 6 years of parenting experience, I have six years of dog parenting experience and have had my fair share of messes from that! The second half of your post just makes me sad. I am so sorry that happened and so glad you have family that can help fix it!