Monday, January 9, 2012

Our Grand Adventure at The Seelbach

Life for the past month has been CRAZY but good.

Roger finished up his semester with papers and exams, while I prepared for Christmas, tended to two hyper active children and job hunted.
(yes, I am headed back to work in the outside world.  The details of that will have to wait for another blog.)

By the time Christmas was over we both looked like hell and felt like death.

The day after New Years (Jan 2) Roger was scheduled to attend a Young Ministers' Conference in Louisville, Ky at the Historic Seelbach Hotel.  I was so dreading being left alone, YET AGAIN, with two hyper active bundles of joy but I knew that he REALLY needed to go to the conference.

Heck, three FREE nights at The Seelbach!

You think I am going to miss out on THAT?

I tagged along.

And so did the two hyperactive bundles of pure joy!

While Roger met in small groups with other young ministers to talk about the joys and stresses of being in the ministry, the kids and I EXPLORED!!!

Anna- "mom. look! I found pirate treasure!" 

they LOVED sitting on the steps, and watching people walk by
While Roger signed copies of Sacred Places of Kentucky.......

.... the kids and I went down into the Rathskeller

Like a true explorer, Paul brought along his flash light.

He was intrigued by the history of the place.

I had so much fun telling him about all the old stories and legends.
"what is THIS mom?"   "well son, that is a bar."  "what is a bar mom?"

But they both got a little creeped out by walking through all the "old spooky places."
"wait a second, are we allowed to be in here?"

"did you hear something mom? there was a spooky sound."

Paul was convinced that this was all "real, pure gold, from the ancient world."

 After I explained to them about the old mail slots on each floor, they decided to write their very own letter to mail out.  
Paul ended up writing a letter to the hotel that said "dear Hotel, Thanks for letting us stay. Love Paul."
Roger gave it to the front desk to read before he checked out but asked for it back so we could keep it to show Paul when he grows up.

For Christmas they both got sleeping bags so we figured since we were "camping at the Sellbach" that it would be a very appropriate time to use them.

Since the majority of the people on our floor where young ministers and during the day they were all at the preaching conference, I figured it was more than ok to prop the door open and let the kids play in the hall way.  Those old rooms are super tiny.  And that big hallway was SO MUCH fun for our two hyperactive bundles of joy! 

I didn't tak the camera but I did take the kids to the fitness center in the hotel with me.  They enjoyed "working out" with me while I walked on the treadmill and lifted weights.  Anna was intrigued by all the people walking by on the street below.  The windows of the fitness center overlook 4th street.

We also explored the historic The Oak Room of the hotel and Paul was pretty much left silent with excitement that he finally got to see a secret passage way.  The manager of the restaurant saw us poking around and took us on a small personal tour of the restaurant. Showing us the room were Al Capone used to play poker with the gang and the secret passage door that he used to sneak out unnoticed. She also pointed out the secret door that the hookers used to be brought in through. 
 She whispered that tad bit of information so the kids wouldn't hear.  

The kids and I ended up leaving a day earlier than Roger because Paul boy had school and little Anna was explored out.  
I was so sad to leave Roger and super sad to leave the hotel.  
I just LOVE staying in super nice historic hotels and I can NEVER sleep when Roger isn't home.

Even though I spent Monday- Wednesday chasing 2 kids through The Seelbach, I felt well rested when I got home. 

I had a blast having a small little adventure with the kiddos and enjoying a Historic Kentucky Hotel that we will probably never in our lives be able to afford to stay in.
I am so thankful for these opportunities that are placed before us.
It truly makes our lives seem like one grand adventure after another.

Have I mentioned that Roger has been asked to represent the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship in Memphis, Tn at the Christian Churches Together conference in February?


They are even giving him a rental car because he opted to drive instead of fly.

Yes, I am TOTALLY tagging along for that one too!!

And yes, I am taking along my Paul Simmon Graceland Cd!

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