Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Come Pick up Your dog

I'm kind of panicking.  The Animal Shelter just called and said that we could come pick up our pet, that our application has been approved.  WHAT?  I thought we would have a little more time to think this whole "getting a dog" thing over. I mean, I was pretty sure I wanted to get a dog, this dog, but I honestly have been trying to process the whole thing. The whole "having something else to tend to besides two children and a house."

I have been back and forth about whether or not to get a dog.  The kids have been BEGGING us for over a year now to get a dog. Paul and Anna have separately broken down into tears about how they are "NEVER GOING TO EVER HAVE A PET."  Paul said that "he was a boy with out a pet" and just broke my heart, while Anna screamed at me "If I had a pet I would calm down. A pet would calm me down. He would walk in my room, lick my face and I would be ALL CALM."

I too have been pinning for a pet.  Growing up we ALWAYS had dogs.  My parents are pet lovers but not the CRAZY kind, they are the "we love dogs but they are dogs, not people" kind of pet lovers.

Recently while Anna and I were at the Animal Shelter we found the most adorable standard poodle puppy. He's 8 months old, apricot color.  I had a standard poodle growing up and absolutely LOVED her.  She was the BEST dog that we ever had, so smart, so loyal.  I immediately WANTED the little poodle.  I filled out an application knowing that we would have at least 7 days to think it through.  Over the 7 days I have been excited, nervous, super happy, super nervous and full of anxious tension.

At first Roger was ok with the idea but not thrilled.  He knows how much the kids want a pet and loves to see those two happy.  Over the past 7 days he has been researching the standard poodle breed and has taken an impressive liking to them.  He is confident that he will end up enjoying the dog but is still a bit nervous about the cleanliness issue.  A dog....in the house......yuck.   I too am a neat freak and can not stand yuck so I am a bit nervous about that. In fact that is one of my number one concerns. Plus the whole allergy issue.  I have such AWEFUL allergies.

After the animal shelter called I called my mom in a mad panic about whether or not we should get the dog, was it a good idea or a stupid one?  She encouraged it and even said that if we get him and need help that she would help train him or if we get him and decide not to keep him that her and dad would adopt him from us.  You see, she too is missing our standard poodle that ended up passing away of old age just a few years ago.  

As I type this I am getting less nervous...... sort of.   After I pick Paul up from school I am going to take the kids to the store to get some animal supplies.  We need a crate, dog food, a leash and collar, some dog wash (he is stinky), and a dog dish.  

For any one who knows us they know that we have thought more about this whole Dog thing than we did about getting pregnant.  I guess because the whole pregnancy thing is like, well, ummm, well, you know what I mean.  It just kind of happens at a very spontaneous, romantic moment.  Thinking about  getting a dog, let's just say I have a clearer mind to think with.  ;-)  

I just don't want the thing to tear my house up and make it all stinky.  But I'm pretty sure this standard poodle, the 2nd smartest dog breed, will be just fine, once I train him.  Who knows, maybe the little feller is already trained!!!   we shall see.

I'm excited to see the kids faces when I tell them we got our dog!

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