Monday, January 2, 2012

Home Makeover: Hand Me Down Edition

I really envy people who have an eye for decorating their home.
I REALLY REALLY envy people who have time to decorate their home.

For years I have read through blogs, magazines and walked through the most beautiful houses, with that inner dialogue going on, "jess, you can do that. look how beautiful that is"

I have crafty little ideas popping through my mind at all times of the day and night.
I KNOW how I want to decorate but I have no TIME to do it.
While our current house was being remodeled I had 30 minutes to pick out the paint. At the time we were living 2 hours away and only coming into town to check on the house once a week. Every time we were at the house so were the kids, who were 5 and 2 at the time.  I was given a BIG stack of samples and given a small amount of time to pick out the paint.  So there I was in the middle of a construction sight, with two small children running circles around me, trying to hold paint samples up to the wall.  I ended up GIVING up and having pretty much the whole  house painted the same thing. Except the kids rooms because, or coarse they knew exactly what they wanted their rooms painted. 

For the past year I have been wanting to repaint our upstairs library walls and the awful looking book shelves that we got from someone else's road side garbage.
I found a beautiful color for them.  It's just matter of TIME.  When do i even have the TIME.
Have you ever tried to paint with two little one INSISTING that they help?

I've also wanted to refinish or paint our HORRIBLE looking bed frame and head board that I got off of my aunt. It was her bed all through high school.  The thing looks REALLY bad. I want to do that cream color and then sand it so it has that antique look. Even though right now it has an honest to goodness antique look, but not the good kind. you know what I mean?  
I should probably invite some crafty friends over to help me with all this crafty stuff shouldn't I.

I just KNOW I'll start something and just mess it plum up.
I kinda suck when it comes to making stuff look pretty.  
Just ask my husband. He thinks my decorating is CRAZY when I actually attempt it.
He already thinks I am nuts for even talking about painting the head board.  But I'm telling you, the ugliness of the thing is driving me NUTTS. For 7 years I have been climbing into that awful looking thing.  I'm GOING to paint it.

I fanatize about one day owning our OWN furniture instead of all of this hand me down and garbage picking stuff that we have.  not that I am not appreciative of our strange assortment of furniture and the crazy stories that go behind each piece, but I would not be truthful if I didn't admit that I dream about one day all of our furniture sorta kinda matching in some sort of way!

When we first got married I slept on the twin bed and Roger slept on the couch. the church that we were staying in didn't have enough space in the small room we were allowed to live in for much more furniture.  At least we have moved up from there!  At least we have a bed to share now!!!

We went for a while without a couch once.
We sat on the floor which really wasn't all that bad.

I still remember the feeling of excitement when we got our little mobil home stack washing machine!  It was PURE JOY!!  I asked for it for christmas.  My uncle got it out of a house he was renting to someone.  The former tenants had left it.    Before that we had been lugging clothes and a small baby back and forth to the laundry matt.  It really wasn't all that bad.  While the clothes were washing I would put baby paul in one of the baskets with wheels and push him through the place.  
he thought the laundry matt was the circus!  
It kinda was.
Honestly, all the strange conversations we had with the laundry attendants were well worth all those quarters. 

Not to mention all the fun stories we have accumulated along the way.

Now what in the heck was the point of this blog post.
I can't even remember.
Oh, yeah, decorating.
I crave a nicely decorated home.
Doesn't everyone?

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