Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jimmy Boy Comes Home

The Animal Shelter called us today (tuesday) around 2pm to inform us that our application for the dog had been approved and that we could come pick him up.   Check out THIS POST about how panicked I was.

I told them we wouldn't be able to get him until tomorrow since we needed to get all the supplies ready. Plus, I was still a tad bit nervous about whether or not we really needed to add a Dog to our already crazy lives.

When Anna and I picked Paul up from school we surprised him by going to the store to pick up the dog supplies (kennel, food, shampoo, dog dish and brush).  "I can't believe I am actually getting a dog!!  Is this for real?  Am I REALLY getting a dog?!?!  A real dog of my own!!!"  - Paul

The kids were jumping through the store with excitement!!  It was so much fun to watch.  Being on the other side, the parent side, when getting a new dog is so much better than being on the kid side.  I have gotten so much joy from watching the excitement of Paul and Anna over this dog.

Since we had all the stuff and the animal shelter didn't close for another 30 min I decided "hey, why not.  let's go get the dog now!"   The kids began to squeal with even more excitement.  "Paul, Paul, Paul, we get to go to that really stinky place to go get our own little puppy!!!" -Anna

 I was a little nervous about picking the dog up because I told Roger that we wouldn't get the dog until Wednesday.

As soon as we got home with the dog that we named Jimmy Boy, we gave him a bath.  The poor thing was soooooooo nastey from being at the shelter.  "you were homeless Jimmy, but now you have a home.  You can be a part of our family now!" -Paul

The kids laughed and laughed and laughed when the dog shook himself dry.

So far so good!!  This evening has been a blast with our new little four legged friend.  He is such a good dog!   He hasn't barked once, he hasn't whined, and best of all he hasn't went to the bathroom in our house!  When you want him to be playful he is playful and when you want him to jut chill out with you he chills out with you.

Tonight he walked with me to tuck Paul into bed.  He put his little paws on Paul's bed and licked his face while wagging his little nub of a tail.  He did the same thing for Anna.  The kids just LOVED that little Jimmy Boy tucked them in to bed and are so excited about getting up in the morning to have breakfast with him.

Roger is also warming up to the whole having a dog thing.  It is as if the two of them are long lost buddies that never knew the other existed.  This whole dog ownership thing has gotten off to a pretty good start.

Let me just tell ya, the dog is WAY EASIER to take care of than a child.  For some reason I had in my head that it was going to be this MASSIVE commitment but when you already have two children that you have changed around your WHOLE LIFE for, and have been committed to for over 6 years, and intend to be committed to until the day you die, having a dog seems like a piece of cake!!!

Here are a few pictures from this evening:


It was a very long day for the both of them

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  1. Oh, please. You knew Roger would fawn over that dog. He can't help himself, he's too nice.

    I love your epiphany about the relative difficulty of looking after a dog compared to a child. Darlin,' it's like doing a tour in Vietnam to prepare for an outing at the Rainforest Cafe.